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We are open for orders.
Skype : kreativesatya
Discount available for bulk orders.


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Mar 19, 2017
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Would be cool to mention that min order is 10 websites tho

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Haven't heard anything. Looks like OP isn't operating anymore?
We usually don't reply on thread. each and every replies are addressed using pm.
Sorry, we might missed yours , check your pm please.


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Dec 16, 2020
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Update: Thread Edited

The seller has contacted us to change the content of the opening post in their sales thread. The old content and the new content can be found in the spoilers below.

Title: ★PbnPro★ PBN Creation Service

Important Things :
We will handle Complete Setup From Initial Installation to READY to post.

We Don't Provide HOSTING and DOMAIN.

You will Get 1 Niche Related Article with Images Published [ TAT May vary for Article].

Details required from you :

cPanel Logins / Wordpress Logins [If installed].
Niche of Blog.
Refund Policy & TAT:

We will refund 100% if we are unable to Deliver the order for some Reason.
Average TAT is 2-3 Days [ Depends on Pending orders] Please Discuss Via Chat/PM for Exact TAT Before Placing Order.

How to order :

Fill the Form:
and PM me Here.
Skype: kreativesatya
Any Questions?

Contact us Anytime
Email :
[email protected]
Review Copy Available for First 5 Jr.VIP members.

You are free to ask sample anytime.

So I've actually been working with OP for the last couple of months and didn't even know it. I was referred to him by a member on BHW but never knew his BHW name. Here's my review of this service, which again, he has been doing for me for 2 months or so..

@luc1f3r.n008 and his team did a fantastic job of setting up my PBNs. I have ordered around 70 PBN setups from them. Each and every one has been done to a very high standard. The TAT on my orders have typically been 2-3 days. There are no obvious footprints between all of the domains. Typically when you order more than 10 domains at a time, you will be able to identify footprints. That wasn't the case with this service. The seller was also very receptive of feedback and implementing specific requests, such as creating personas for sites, basing the sites based on a central theme, removing footer links with CSS code, and more. The PBNs are designed in a very nice way, where on first inspection, you wouldn't think they were PBNs. The seller even had the attention to detail to nofoll0w the widget advertisement links.

All in all, this is an awesome service for the price. I highly recommend going with this seller for your PBN setup needs.

OP put together 1 PBN site for me and it has custom design (I am assuming random theme), simple custom made logo, privacy policy, contact us and a short but relevant article.

The site also has a social media account created and some customisation like a banner on homepage, a few images, social media icons etc so it looks like a genuine site.

In summary this service is spot on - very nice low price and a great service for anyone that is building a PBN and wants a very cost effective way to outsource one of the most time consuming parts of the setup.

Nice work.


Got a free set up and it's impressive.
Wordpress based, nice, slick and eye ctching.
Comes with privacy policy, contact us , nice well written main article.
There's relevent images and a video, social share buttons.

Not enough for you ? Well there's also a Facebook profile too.

Very good and prompt communication throughout.

For the money this is a good offering and I'll be back for more.

I received my order, the website is nice and clean it contains 2 links to two other sites Im not familiar with although they are nofollow so its ok looks legit.

Article is ok contains pictures and video everything looks legit

Service 4/5 - I received theme that didn't have an option to show full post on the homepage for maximum link juice, because then the link is not visible on the homepage , everything else is fine

If I didn't have time to construct my PBN's this would be my guy to go!


I received a review copy from OP regarding one PBN setup. The setup included a logo, a beautifully designed site which really didn't look like a PBN site. It had the contact, privacy policy etc. The sidebar was very relevant to my niche, had a video, some images and looked great. And the content which was added for the first post was good quality. Overall a great quality PBN setup service and for $10 its a deal!

hello friend,

i was happy with what you delivered in my 1st order. I placed an order for 3 more

Received my test order from OP within 2 days and I must say it really nicely done with a logo, footer text removed, sidebar with relevant images, popup news letter, crawlers blocked, relevant article and don't even looks like a PBN. Will be using is service in the future.

Just received my test order - beyond impressed at the quality delivered here. OP, you're crazy for charging this low. I've been trying to find a guy who can make these and tried hiring a few VAs at a similar price. However, results were completely average and required a lot of work on my end.

In comparison, this guy is insane. Delivered a beautiful looking blog within 24 hours, and the included article was much better than I had expected. Made a few changes for me without any issues as well and is very helpful.

Ordered 5 more (*892T) and just getting details for some more ready.

After I ordered, OP added me on skype, to let me know he's working on the order and that he will let me know if he has any questions.

They finished the order today and I am very very impressed.

The websites looks great
OP followed my instructions to the letter
The logo that was made for every website is actually really high quality (much better than what I could ever do)
The written content is reads very well, no mistakes at all and was interesting to read.

This would have taken me several hours to do, and I would not have done it to the same quality as OP

I am very happy, 10/10

Awesome, awesome service. Purchased two website setups for $20. Gave theme, WP user/pass, and that was it. Created a great looking website, each with a facebook page and an included niche-relevant article; TAT was very fast as well. Will be getting a bigger package soon, highly recommend.

Awesome work! Order for 4 sites and he gimme the great looking design for my pbns. Will be ordering more soon as I get my domains. Very recommended!

I recently made another order for 3.

I made some specific instructions that was awkward, will try not to in the future! The seller still went out of his way to satisfy my order, and I really appreciate it.

The blogs turned out absolutely beautiful, with great writing again. They look like real websites, and have great logos again.

Thank you so much


Great value for all that they provide in the package, I recommend them as communication is prompt and he was patient as I had a domain not ready and he waited for me instead of insisting all was in order (I made the mistake). I will give him additional orders! Thanks again!


I ordered service for my 2 PBNs few days ago and all work was done within 4 days. Communication with seller was great and he followed my instructions correctly in every step. Content was nearly 250-300 words long, logos were great according to price and sites look great now from before. In $10 you get whole package which makes your PBN a real authority site! Excellent service and i will order more in future from him. :)


Great communication and availability, websites look good and are setup according to guidelines. You won't find better value for your money anywhere else. Highly recommended!

Absolutely love this service, OP provides a quality service for a exceptional price. If you're in need of saving some time on multiple PBNs, he is your guy.
Communication is also outstanding, replies to emails fast & gets the job in a quickly and timely matter.
All social media accounts also are transferred to you also.

Thanks so much. Looking forward to working on some more projects with you.

Short review - I've ordered set up for 1 site. Initial design and WP theme and structure setup was done within 3-4 hours, article was added after around 30 hours from the order placement.
Design looks good, has really cool logo, natural looking and even niche-related sidebars (rss feed widgets of niche top-level blogs), some set of plugins. Can't tell if they are unique since I've ordered only 1 site - but I personally have never seen them before, so looks good for me.
Communication is great and prompt.

Great service! Will place more orders soon.

Just completed for my 2 website. Communication is good. He is always update the progress everyday. Website design is clean. At least for me, the design concept, widget etc very interesting. Recommended service if you want wordpress install for your PBN or money site at low cost.

Just received my second 5-sites order, which were designed perfectly. For this money, everything looks great for me!

Ordered 6 sites from the OP back in early March.

The sites were done quickly and to a pretty damn good standard in my opinion. A lot of measures are done to avoid footprints and some nice touches were also done to the sites that I just wasn't expecting.

I'm really impressed with this service and especially so considering they are $10 each.

If you're not too good at designing PBNs, you're new to all of this, or you simply just want something to work from quickly, this is an ideal service.

honestly. that is SUPERB!!!!!

I would like to post some screenshots of the sites designs, but I am not that crazy.

however, everything was nicely done.
5 sites perfectly designed, HQ themes used, facebook pages created, unique LOGO (you'd pay for this 5$ alone onf fiverr!!)

and the sites really look like some real sites themself. and better than my own (which however is not that hard to do!)

TAT was 3 days.

and changing some "not so nice" theme into something great was done on saturday evening!!!!!!!


++ just a quick warning ++
DONT publish any content on your site, when ordering this service as it seems to be erased somehow.

if I increase my PBN I will order again!

Just receive 1 of my order and I'm impress. The design, the logo, the pictures and the article are very nicely done up. And it suit my niche very much. Best of all, there are videos and Facebook page added. Very satisfied customer and more orders for you soon.

Title: PBN Creation Service - Affordable Prices ❣️ PBN PRO ❣️

Notes: This service was re-tested.
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