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    Hi guys i joined here soon and i got already plans on my head and i will try to throw here few questions and hope get some info or advices about what im planing to do.

    So i've already decided what business im going to invest in near future. Selling on Etsy + My own online shop + some (tech) reviews in youtube + some fiverr + i throw some ref link here and there and i will get some $ from here and there. Now im forced to use PP to get paid so i have few questions about this PP. I have account its on about 2 years and ive received some $ in this period. All smooth. Now i see there is some LIMIT per year on a personal account, what does that means? I cannot windraw more than this limit? If i get like 2-3K $ per month from my activities can i stick to this personal account or i should go to business account? Can i remove this LIMIT and how? They will ask me what are my activities i guess? So should i just say "Etsy + Freelancing services". Also i see a lot of ppl are on business accounts and they get limited/banned. Im confused what to do. I don't want my work to end up on the garbage bag and being throwed away. All of my activities are WhiteHat stuff. Also does any of you guys pay ANY TAXES? Do you register some firm i dunno. Anyway you can answer me in PM if you wish.

    Also i got this rare "thing" to sell and im building a wordpress blog right now. This "Rare thing" is legit and its going to be useful for those who buy it. But its going to be expensive and receiving 10-15k in 2 monts from random activity (eventualy) on PP sounds like dangerous to me. So how is the best way to get paid and not get scamed by someone refund the transaction? Should i ask for physical bank transfer or some other E-bank alternative to PP.

    Have a nice day guys.