Paypal Permanent Limitation = RESOLVED!

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    If you aren't aware, Paypal will "permanently" limit your account after 45 days of being limited. I was unable to work so a few orders from my online business were disputed and refunded. I took about 2 months to pay off the negative balance since I was not working due to an injury. Paypal had mentioned that my account limitation could not be appealed due to a business decision because of the high risk involved in my recent account actions. I called 4 times in one week and neither representative could help and wouldn't transfer me to someone higher. Finally this last one I just called transferred me to their supervisor and I convinced her to appeal my account limitation after explaining my situation She said usually this never happens but she understood the situation and said I'm safe as long as I keep my customers happy and don't receive any more complaints. I only received complaints once I was injured and not working. I told her it was my only source of income which it is now and that 90% of my business was lost because everyone uses Paypal. None of what I just said was a lie or embellished but I'm sure if you make up a good sob story they will lift the ban if it is the first time. Persistence is key! Just don't give up. Speak to a supervisor if you need them to bend the rules because normal customer support reps cannot help you if the limitation is supposed to not be appealed. Hope this helps anyone who was in my situation!
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