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Sep 7, 2010
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Hi members,

Moderators... I am badly in need of help.
I am unable to post completely, because I am a new member here.

I am not here for trouble or I would not dare to. Please understand my situation.

I am new here, but I have always approached this forum to read any Paypal related issues.

2 months ago, PP limited my account and asked me to confirm location and confirm CC.

Since, I am not from USA, I approached a person of AVSVCC. He added CC, but for confirm location, he messed up the phone code and Paypal sent a letter to the address, which he provided. But, he does not even have access to the letter and 2 months have passed.

I am here only to get help, thats all.

Hope you guys, help me out and get the account and release it in your own wonderful ways.

Thanks All.
1. You're Late! (Is your hands picking flowers on garden for those 60 days?)
2. You don't need to be a US resident to confirm your paypal account
3. Credit Card is not the only option to verify your account.
4. I dono where you're from. So am not sure how to assist you. (I Smell Indian English Here.)

All you can do now is add your bank account to your paypal and Upload your ID and Address Proof. Call them and say you didn't received any letter from them. Your account will be released in no-time. Next Time, try to write your concern briefly else don't start a stupid thread like this.

2 Months It sounds like a long long ago..........
This account limitation also happened to me a few months ago...I sent them copies after my ID card and some invoice to prove where I live, them gave them a call and everything was sorted out. My advice: call them after submitting the id proof, it does help to speed the process.
I do not have any Id Proof, which proves that I live in the USA (because I am not from USA). I am from India.

Btw, I did not wait for 2 months, just like that. The person, who gave me the AVSVCC, made me wait, assuring me that he will get the issue resolved.

If any of you guys, can send me a Id proof and invoice with my details - location and Id proof. Then I can get it resolved. And I give service charges.

Please I need your help.

Thanks All.
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