Paypal limitation - proof of buisenss

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Apr 17, 2012
hey guys,
Well i did search for something similar but didnt find anything.
I have a premier account, my volume got higher and now paypal asked me to provide some docs, i did provided them with such. but now they ask me to provide "business registration docs", which i dont have, other wise i would have open a buisness account.

Any advices on that one?
If you have premier account under your name, than they should not be asking you your business registration details. You can tell them that you do business on your name and not on any company name. Its better to talk to them over the phone and make them understand your situation rather than playing over the emails.

Hope that helps
Just tell them your operating as a sole proprietor. If they want more info, you may need a business license and a home operating license as required by your state.
Not open for further replies.
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