Paypal limit experience

Dec 10, 2008
whats the best way to stay under the radar to prevent from getting limited on gaypal? is there a dollar amount that is alarming for them? or is there a certain amount of time funds should sit in the account ? i dont want to get funds locked up in there an then unable to get it out because i used a different name w/ vcc.
it depends on several reasons. now PP is holding money for the new seller up to 21 days until you ship the items or the buyer leaves a positive feedback. also the history of your transaction. PP knows about the vcc .
try to get some pre 11/07 Ebay accounts to avoid this problem but again it depends where you are located.
Based on experience, PP or as u said GayPal will almost eventually catch you when you create a new account using an IP that doesn't match the country's.
Try to handle any problems from customers yourself, that helps a lot.
(speaking about the paypal dispute system)
My account with PP is limited as we speak, I got my account off limited 3 days ago and was in line at Macy's buying my gf a gift for christmas and using my PP debit card and WAS DENIED!!!! I was fuckin pissed got on the phone with PP and ask them WHT THE FUCK!!! anyways lol...They will check accounts random , especially if your selling electornics and dealing with large amount of money or don't have a high egay feedback rating that's what they said on the phone. For my solution , well I did a total sales of 2800 last week on egay and profited 600 well i had access to my account for 4 days until they limted again so what I did is went to the atm and withdrawed my dough so left enough money to pay my suppliers and took my profit out via ATM, thats the best way I can do it for now, there is no way to get around limited accounts , he lady on the phone said they "limt" power seller accounts it's what they do lol assholes!!! Hope this help good selling .
im on hold for 21 days because i had to create a new account.. for canadian sellers, dont use canada post appeently..they wont confirm delivery with that shipping method.. what twats... ok now i gotta wait 21 days or for the person to leave me a feedback. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ...(fill in blank)
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