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    Apr 19, 2009
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    I called tech support, and no goody.

    My Paypal is verified and confirmed.
    I verified it with my bank account, and confirmed it with a VCC bought from chiky here at BHW.

    I made the billing address on the VCC match my mailing address.

    When I tried to add the paypal plugin, it required for me to confirm my address and credit card.

    So I put my address and credit card details (the VCC) into the form.
    All the info was correct.
    Then Paypal loaded up a screen with "Sorry — your last action could not be completed"

    Is this a glitch in the system, or is it because it's a VCC?
    The VCC got accepted by Paypal in the first place, but it isn't working for the paypal plugin..

    I also noticed this when I was filling out the form for the Paypal plugin.
    We confirm your mailing address by comparing it to the billing address of your credit card. Your credit card will not be used for any other reason."

    VCC"s HAVE no address attached to them. When I attached the VCC to my Paypal account, I changed the billing address to my mailing address; therefore the billing address = mailing address.
    The VCC details were correct, so WTF?!?!

    Seriously, don't just say "Paypal sucks" I need real solutions here.


    a friend of mine told me to try netspend. Are their credit cards reliable? I mean, as long as it works..
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