Paypal Giving Away $8000 worth of seo services

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    BRISBANE, Australia, March 16, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- In an Australian-first initiative, PayPal is partnering with local search engine optimisation (SEO) company, Dejan seo, to offer Australian businesses the chance to win $8,000 worth of SEO services.
    There are three $8,000 SEO packages up for grabs, each designed to dramatically boost the ranking of the winner's website on Google and the other search engines.

    The competition is PayPal's first foray into the field of SEO. It signals the company's awareness of the importance of a strong search presence. And according to Simon Phillips General Manager of Dejan SEO, it also signals their understanding of the importance of a sound SEO strategy and intelligent implementation. "They know online success requires a holistic approach. Good SEO is just as important as a good website and a good e-commerce system," he says.
    79% of Australians access the internet at least once a day ? it's their main mass-media channel for researching products, services and retailers. And 80%+ of those people use search engines as their primary research tool. No surprise, then, that 63% of Australian businesses are planning to increase their SEO budget during 2012.*

    Head of Search from Dejan SEO's Melbourne office, Chris Ward, claims that online marketing offers far better ROI than traditional marketing channels. "Dollar for dollar, it's streets ahead," he says. "Today's consumer is technologically competent, brand-aware and likes to research before committing. Their first port of call is the search engines. Only with a solid search presence can you hope to capture that market."

    The $8,000 SEO prizes from PayPal and Dejan SEO will help three businesses keep pace with ? or possibly even outrank ? their competition.

    "This prize could take a fledgling internet presence and transform it into search engine dominance," says Ward. "A lot of large corporations in Australia rely on Dejan SEO to manage their entire internet marketing strategy." He says that, "getting that for free would be a major boost to a small to a medium sized business." He even went so far as to offer a guarantee: "After three months we will show results, 100% guaranteed."
    In summary, Phillips, General Manager of Dejan SEO, said: "We feel honoured that PayPal chose us, of all Australia's SEO companies, to run this promotion with. Brand trust is integral to PayPal's success, and their willingness to co-brand with us on this endeavour speaks volumes about Dejan SEO's own brand and industry reputation."

    I cant post url source yet as the forum wont let me, but a little search on google you should be able to find it.
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    its for Australia's paypal users or wordwide paypal users ????
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    Well, it is just a chance to win.

    To make you spend your money using paypal.

    It just another money making scheme.
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