paypal account problem...need some help

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    Feb 25, 2009
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    I have my paypal account just register it 2 week ago but no money on it and i cant use my credit card as my funding source. I am not from usa and cant use the bank deposit as funding source. Now paypal only allow me to use my account to make a online payment if i have balance money on my paypal account.

    I try to use usa proxies to make a payment because when i use usa proxies, they accept to make a payment by credit card and not need to login to my paypal acc to make a payment but still not success. I also delete my broswer cookie but still not success.

    So does anyone also face this kind problem because i hear that is a paypal new security system problem. Also does anyone know whether can use 3rd party payment system to load fund from my credit card and then transfer it to my paypal acc so that i can use it. I really need the paypal acc because too much people that provide service from bhw or else where only accept paypal as their payment system. Thanks