Paypal 2500 limit per year NON-US, any alternatives that is as easy?

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    So my friend and I are discussing ideas on how to receive payments. Now yesterday he told PayPal has blocked his account due to reaching the 2500 limit. He is from Europe and I'm from the Asia. Since his trade is drawing smut, from sexy comics to catering furries' fetishes, and most of his payments are through"donations" because it is NSFW (and no, I tried drawing and people often puked than be turned on besides not really comfortable on doing creative "art" scenes).

    Paypal is asking for documents or receipts which are non-existent or documents proving what his service entails (trying to go to a business type) to enable his account. I tried telling him to do a Patreon because they are OK with Adult materials and are transparent with taxes but he said that it has own problems like removing a pledge after "receiving" his work and people are impatient to wait for one month to get their commission in order to secure his payment. Another problem is that it is usually goes from $5, $10, $25,$50 or $100 and which has little variety which is either too cheap or expensive. He is actually depressed because in a week, people are offering him 400 euros in total and can't really draw for them. Remember that this is porn and his customers are not fond on exposing their identities through bank transactions and would rather go online.

    Google wallet has the same problem with PayPal