Payment Processing Advice for Subscription Site w/ Affiliate Program

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    Hi BHatters, I've been mia for a while because I've been developing a new website. It is almost to completion and I am at the stage where I need to set up the payment system and account provisioning mechanism.

    I figured I'd post here to see if anyone would be willing to offer some advice.

    I would like to setup my members area so that it is fully integrated with the merchant account and account activation \ suspension is directly done through the API's. I have this setup for Paypal ipn on another site. I also have looked at amazon's subscription system and apis. both of these are the main choices so far.

    I know there is a better way to do this. What's the best merchant account out there? My site uses .php so if they already have the members system built out using their API, bonus points for that.

    Finally, I wish to have an affiliate program built in. The membership site will be for something like 29.95/month and I would like to offer affiliates 9.95 a month for anyone they bring in. Since the payouts will be based on the active subscriptions i think it is important to have something that is fully integrated so there is no error and no headache for me.

    Any and all advice appreciated!

    PS- all transactions will be USA based medium risk of chargebacks, but i'm not too worried. i also offer 30 day moneyback guarantee so processing refunds should be simple to do.
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    Take a look at amember :)