Paying Up front for Affiliates and consultation

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    Sep 1, 2011
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    I have quite a unusual request, I'm currently a consultant for a adult affiliate network pulling in a easy 300,000$ a month, however I have notice a sharp drop
    and affiliates and sales.

    We have been told its because we didn't allow spam or craigslist traffic,
    which we have since changed, as we have verified that is not illegal as
    long as you use double opt-in list.

    I posted this in the freelancer section for a reason, first being, we will
    pay some affiliates up front to promote us, +50% commission on what they earn.

    As always please don't reply to this thread but send a pm, so when we find enough people I can mark simply state we are done.

    send your request in this format

    Price for consult(if any)
    Price for promotion(paid up front)
    Are you interested in promoting us ?
    Your Skype information

    -Thank you