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    Dear BHWers,

    I am willing to pay someone to help me out making my site and then use YouTube to make money off of it.

    I recently bought a guide about using YouTube to get adult traffic and then have them sign up on adult/dating affiliates. I need help setting that up. I already have my domain+hosting and know how to get my YouTube video views and get traffic to my site.. setting it up is the only problem once again.

    I'm paying for someone to help me setup the site (using template and think of the scheme). Also, I need to know any good dating/adult affiliates that I can use that pay via paypal.

    I don't really know how much I should pay, but this seems like a relatively easy job so post your offers. Also, if you have any of these answers, feel free to post em for free.. it'd be a great help.

    Thanks in advance,
    Fr3shY :)
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