Paying It Forward Part 2

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    Ok ladies and gents here's the deal. First and foremost the inaugaral edition of BlackHat Weekly is coming very soon. I will need some help from the mods in determining who should have access to it etc. After the inaugaral issue I will be soliciting those who said they would help for that help on upcoming issues. Still looking for a co-editor, any volunteers? Okay back to the reason for the post...Whether you are of a faith or not this is still the holiday season, and being that it is I always use this time to reflect on the year that is about to be over. Ive had an extremely wonderful year both online and off, and I only feel its right to help someone else, so here's the deal: I want to start the BHAcademy for exceptional noobs right here on this forum. Those who have exhibited a. the commitment, b. the resourcefulness, c.the determination, and d. the ability(real ability ) to turn that page. So here's what i want to do, and Im calling out the big guns for assistance...I would like for some specific members and Ill PM you later to do mini tutorials, 1 class each on a BH Method ( one that you can spare :) ) so that we can raise a breed of our own from within our own forum. No other forum is doing this, and some of us hard hitters can feel good about doing something "constructive"(if you care about that sort of thing). Some of us have been in the position that the noobs are in so why not? What have we got to lose? Luther/Harro/Ruck/Dave, let me know your thoughts too. Kingdom you as well. Im actually excited about this sort of thing....
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