Paying for custom tweets, retweets, promos etc on Twitter to help promote a paid newsletter. OPEN to other channels of advertising


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Oct 29, 2021
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Hi there, I am looking to pay for accounts with good followings in self help, crypto, stock, finance niches to Tweet out custom posts with a link attached leading to a paid newsletter signup ($49 for one year). I have several clients I work with and have had success paying accounts on IG for promos. Giving twitter a shot for the first time now.

I was able to find a bunch in the crypto niche, but they seem mostly geared for NFT giveaways. Im going to be given a test budget and dont want it to flop. If it goes well (based on the amount of signups) the budget would increase.

Any one here have a network of pages or know of someone that could help in promoting. Looking for longterm people to help effectively promote my clients newsletters. Would be money consistently coming in on weekly basis and they have no problem spending as long as the results are there.

Open to trying other channels if you think you could help please let me know.