Paying 50$ To The Person That Can Create This BOT [ PAYPAL ]

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    Jul 23, 2011
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    Hello guys . I am looking for someone that can create a bot . ( I DON'T WANT THE BOT TO BE MADE WITH UBOT ) C++ or Visual Basic Prefered
    Basicly I want a Fake Visits Bot . It should have the next options in it:

    - Load URLS ( a .txt file )

    - Load REFERERS ( a .txt file )

    - Load PROXIES ( a .txt file )

    - Minim & Max Time On The URL Visited

    - Multy Threated

    - How many visits to send in total

    - User Agents

    - Random Proxy Choosing When Visiting A Website

    - I want the visits to Show in Google Analythics and Statscounter

    That would be all ! I can pay Through Paypal ! I am paying 50$ for the person that can do this . I can pay more from my profit but I need the bot to work with all my requests. Thanks

    If you're interested PM me or contact me at my skype: GhetuMarian