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    This Are The Top 10 Sellers of PayDotCom they make me sick they have been there for years and months upon months anyways i just learned a very dirty trick to be number one on paydotcom now keep in mind that to be the top seller you need to make alot of sales and less refunds

    1) My Data Team Global Data Entry & Traditional Data Entry Jobs $49.95
    Work-from-home data-entry with 17,000 + companies to post simple data submissions to Internet.

    2) OnlineBestSurveys $39.00
    Best Conversions - Highest Payout $27 Per Sale + Bonuses!!!

    3) Subscription $47.00 every 1 month(s)
    Increase search engine rankings by automatically growing your site's link popularity.

    4) Instant Article Wizard Pro $7.00 now, then after 1 month(s) $27.00 every 1 month(s)
    Create articles in minutes on subjects you know nothing about!

    5) 3HourProfits $39.00
    Three Hour Profits Program

    6) Web Traffic Marketing $39.95
    Email 81 Million recipients SPAM free with one click of the button. Guaranteed 1500 Increase in traffic!

    7) 9000 Satellite TV Channels on PC or Laptop - TV for PC $39.95
    Watch Live Internet TV on PC or Laptop From Anywhere in The World

    8) Email Sending Jobs $10.00
    Email Sending Jobs Earn $25 Per Mail

    9) Instant Article Wizard $67.00
    Create high quality articles on virtually any subject in less than 15 minutes!

    10) Web Colleagues Real Home Typing Data Entry Partnerships $49.00
    Become a Web Colleague and partner up with 11,000 websites to Earn $300-$1500 per day typing on the Internet.

    oh yea by the way i think OnlineBestSurveys $39.00 is owed by Ruck he used to be a member on here now wonder why he left hes busy enjoying his wealth watchout for me ruck:D