Pay Proxy, - couple questions, point me right service > thx

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    Apr 9, 2009
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    I have three machines that i would like to use proxy or vpn service.

    My demands:

    1. On every machine I can use service at the same time.
    2. Speed of my internet connection will be atleast 5mb. No slowdowns, required.
    3. Transfer for month would be minimal 5gb.
    4. Can use proxy for ProxyCap application with specific port, defined by me.
    5. Ping not more than 100ms to my location (Poland)

    No spamming will be done thru this service, just regular usage, such as www browsing....

    I was using Relaxx VPN but it is to slow this days, need really good service...

    Thats it, anyone can point me in right direction
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