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    Hi! so, let me first say that this is simply an idea I have been toying with and am simply looking into (no concrete plans-just looking for some info)

    So, I am a fairly *new* fetish model/ cam girl and adult actress.

    I began last year and have a gained a pretty good reputation and following, my Vlog has already reached over 70,000 views and 800+ subscribers within a month of starting it.

    I have been using free to sign up cam site to cam and I am doing very well, but I have been getting more and more fans asking me to create a website and I have been looking into that.

    One of the things I would like to do is possibly have my own Pay to view cam and do my caming on my own site, just me and my guests, no huge site dedicated to 20+ models or anything like that for my fans for a few reasons
    #1. I would like to be totally independent in the Adult industry some time within the next few years with my own website and followers as many of them looking solely for my content complain to me about having to view it in many differant areas and sites as oppose to just one.

    #2. I really am disliking most of the cam sites I have been dealing with, either the rules are really strict, cutting customers off from spending a certain amount of money, not allowing me to do certain things such squirting, or taking 60% of my profits on top of taking out a significant amount for wire transfer fees and having poor lay out by not allowing me control over private sessions,etc.

    Most of what I find is for creating cam sites on a large scale (having 20+ models) when all I want is a simple single cam site where I can also sell my content(photo sets, video's and toys)

    Is that possible or do-able or would the amount to host such a thing be similar to the amount being taken by the hosting cam sites I work at now?

    Anway's if anyone could give me any insight or opinions I welcome them thanks again!
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    MyFreeCams has a really good revenue plan even for new models.
    Building your own site may be an idea but live caming on your own site will require at least someone working for you handling all the tech side of the site, otherwise you might be lsing customer from one day to another.

    So either you can hire someone and pay him to develop/maintain/tech support your site, or go on MyFreecams