Pauls profile backlinks? Helpful or not.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by lucabrasi, Jan 7, 2011.

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    I am trying one of Paul's backlink packets and I don't really understand how a PR 5 homepage helps me when my link is on a PR N/A page.

    I read in his instructions how this was helpful but, didn't really understand it. He gave an example of how the links had helped him rank for his site but, the site was on a kinda strange subject. I had never heard of the product before. "Diaper Cakes". So the example didn't really help because I didn't think it could be too hard to rank for something I had never heard of before.

    Again, this guy seems to have an incredible reputation online. So he obviously knows something about this I don't. (That's easy to do)

    So, How does a link on a page with no PR help. Even if its homepage has a PR of 5.
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    well you already got the clue that a homepage PR 5 means not much when the link page is N/A and those angela/paul links are overspammed but if u think it will help u get link juice its ur decision.