Partner WANTED For Exclusive HD Video PLR Membership Site

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by lucas131, Aug 23, 2010.

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    I have a video team that can create high quality, HD videos about almost any topic I want, like fitness, health, cooking, yoga, learn to play guitar, gym training, 6 pack exercises etc etc with top expert and instructors.

    We have professional camera, lightnings, green screen, wireless microphones, professional editing software and 2 years experience in recording music videos for rappers.

    My idea is to bring together a video PLR membership site and every month offer 2 quality PLR products (1-2 hours, 50-100 exercise/other videos separated). Plus we could offer narrators in french, spanish and german for more value. Another idea would be to also include sales page, capture page, ecover graphics, follow ups emails, affilaite page, etc. but that's not necessary.

    We could charge $47/month for the members and at first we could shoot these video for free. It means that after the profits will come we can split them 50/50. I'm aiming to at least 60 paid members to make it profitable for me.

    I'm looking for a partner that already have some experience in selling PLR products, the best if already have some successful PLR membership sites running. Please PM with these links and your expertize. I'm looking for a help in promoting this site and writing compelling copy to sell this membership site. I can work on providing top-notch video packages every month, setting up PLR websites, graphics and technical stuff.