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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by eazy76, Jan 31, 2009.

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    I have been on this forum about 3 months and now it time to take action and do some work to make a lot of money. I am tired of my situation and looking for someone in the local area or close by willing to do seminars and talk to business owners about marketing and helping them with there website. Once reading the 10k weekend package and cash cow this is very doable even if we make 3000 a week i would be happy. Looking for someone in Houston have very good ideas and looking for a person to do some seminars to business owners. Please pm and we can talk about this more further.
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    I agree partners are trouble and you can do it easily on your own. I go to Chamber of Commerce meetings and have more business than I can handle. Just get some business cards printed up that look professional and get a contract that both parties sign. You want the business owner to know exactly what is expected and what fees will be charged.

    Then just find someone you can depend on to outsource building the site they want. Make sure you can rely on them building a quality site because reputation among business owners is critical. That way you can show them other sites you have produced.

    What I do at the Chamber meetings is strike up a conversation with business owners and once they know what I do it's their idea to ask me about getting a web site instead of me pushing one down their throat. This is an easy way to continually keep new clients coming in on a steady basis.
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