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    Jun 20, 2013
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    Hello everybody,

    The title probably makes it sound more exciting than it is, but here is my thing:

    I'm pretty successful on the big T right now, but i'm looking to making it even bigger.
    Like most people on this forum who are into the T to the R, i own a bunch of blogs.

    Right now i'm actually looking for other people with blogs in the 18+ niche, since that is my most successful niche.
    If you don't own any blogs in the 18+ niche, don't worry, i also have blogs in other niches so perhaps we can work something out.

    So, if you have a (or some) nice blog(s) on the big T and you want to get more out of it, feel free to PM me.
    Just one thing to keep in mind:

    I don't have the most amount of followers, but i do have quite a bit.
    I don't really feel like working together with blogs who just started, so please keep that in mind when you PM me.