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    hi everyone,

    first am newbie when it comes to autoblog but old in the domain business and have few domains, around 100 just in parking which not returning anything for me,

    but since i was working before i never really care till i lost my job while back and now i am in the drain and with kids i need to do something to turn the
    clock, so i am looking into developpment and autoblogs to see if i can make it work.

    i've read lot here try few and there but nothing working and i also realize with the amount of domain to develop , i just can't do it alone as there is only 24h in a day.

    i am looking for a serious mature honest partner to work with to develop the domains either auto or real content and share the revenue.

    the perfect candidate should have some experience already in the field please .

    my domains varie from to .com .net .org and some are good some not and some are target to africa which in future i have really great plan for.

    If noone interest and really knows his stuff but prefer just to teach me some pro ways as am newbie, i really will appreciated that too against some fees or % over revenue earn , i am up for anything as i need to turn the clock guys.

    One thing though , am not interest in warez or illegal in any of the sites, i dont want to use earn revenues for lawyers also for the right person , we can draw a contract we both sign , so no problem in future.

    Plz anyone help me out thx.
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    Hey man, id be willing to help you out. I've got some autoblogs set up and earning. Ill shoot you a pm. My problem with expansion has been lack of funds for domains. Seems we can fit the pieces together and get the ball rolling.
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