Part III 6 Figure Lead Gen Biz - EVEN MORE Lead Gen Methods + Examples!!!!!

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    6 Figure Lead Gen Part III: Lead Gen Methods Cont.

    Continuing my 6-Figure Lead Gen Series we'll start up where we left off.

    *For those of you who have not checked it out, please read PART I and PART II A to become familiar with the
    context/methodology of this segment. So far we have covered the following in previous threads: (recap A-C below)

    Part I:

    Part II:

    A. Lead Gen model:

    Selling leads direct to advertisers/businesses/agents/brokers for a flat fee or rev share. Secondary purpose of this model is to
    build a mini lead gen network in a given niche that can be sold off for a LARGE ticket price ($xxx,xxx). The last purpose of this
    model is to build up your own lead lists for long term backend sales and revenue whist collecting lead fees from current deals.

    B. Lead Types: consumer, B2B, General/Non-specific, and Niche.
    C. Lead Gen Methods: Intro to generating leads (real world tactics)

    Before I jump into more lead gen methods and sources, I would like to point out what should be the obvious....the purpose of
    using varying lead gen methods is due to the following:

    - Diversification which provides insulation from unforeseen circumstances/market changes, etc.
    - Lead Quality: No such thing as a "bad" lead....but there are levels of "qualifications" AND, a corresponding market for both.

    EXAMPLE: I have buyers who cannot afford to (or for other reasons) prefer to buy leads that are "older" or less "prequalified"
    than my "real time" phone verified leads. Why? Well, they each have their own reasons but obviously these are "cheaper" in

    I cannot sell these leads to my "premium" buyers because they don't want "old" less qualified leads. Since some leads don't
    reach me until they are a little older (even a few days counts here folks.....remember I said "right lead, right time" in another post),
    and since some don't fill out all the necessary pre-qualification info, I have to find a secondary market to sell them to.

    Anyway, the goal is to create a lead gen "network" of various business models all pulling in leads for a given niche. Ideally you
    should "own" and "automate" as much of the technology/infrastructure as you can so that it can be included when and if you
    "sell the farm" in a one off sale to a broker.

    EXAMPLE: 20 niche blogspots generating leads are worth less than 20 privately held domains generating leads.

    1. Software:

    I am NOT endorsing, nor claim to be an expert in using any of the following. But in the sake of being cost effective
    I'm going to share with you a few links from BHW for "lead scrapers" that worked at some point (at the end of the "Software"
    section of this post).

    Please note, this is where lead "quality comes into play." A scraped lead, depending on how it was "gathered" is going to be
    of low - mid quality. These still have value (remember when I said secondary market?).

    That said, a scraped lead can be put into a lead qualification process to make it worth 10x or more of it's "scraped" value.
    Let's run through a "REAL WORLD" example I've put into play in the past.

    P.S. When I say "scraped" what I mean is identifying contact info from an individual who has openly expressed interest in receiving
    information on a specific topic/service/product. I DO NOT mean simply using GSA spider or whatever and randomly scraping contact
    info on a "niche" keyword. That is illegal and arguably VERY ineffective. See my "Example" below to understand more about the
    correct way to use this process....

    EXAMPLE: Selling leads to auto dealers

    An individual posts their car for sale for "$1500 OBO" on Autotrader online or whatev and includes their phone number/email.
    If you just scrape it and send them a CPA offer or sell the lead to an auto dealer its worth, well, not a whole lot.

    Why isn't it worth anything? Well, we don't know shit other than that the individual is selling his/her car. Now, what if we reach
    out and say:

    "Hey, I'm not sure if you are interested or not, but a local auto dealer I work with is buying up used car inventory for about
    $1000-$2000 depending on the condition. If you are interested let me know."

    If the individual responds to that, now you took the lead from "low quality" to "medium quality" as they now are interested in
    selling their car AND speaking to an "auto dealer."

    Take it a step further....reach back out and say:

    "Great. I talked to my buddy who owns the dealership and gave him the general info on your car. He said he might be interested
    but that he could probably give you much more value/money for the car if you were to take it as a trade in. I told him I didn't
    know if you were in the market for a new car or not but thought I'd throw it out there. My buddy is a good guy and he said he
    might be able to go as high as $2500 instead of the $1500 OBO you were asking. Let me know and I'll put you in touch. Thanks!"

    If they reply back to that....BOOM! 100% HOT QUALITY LEAD FOR SALE!!!!

    Places to Use Software to Find Leads: (can also be done manually)

    I'm not going to give out the farm on this one, especially for some niches but I will give you some insight to steer you in the
    right direction. Additionally, while I'll provide a list of software later on in this post, be aware that many of the tools I have I
    get custom coded for these purposes (sorry, I will not sell or give them away here). That said, most are very cheap to have
    made and many exist out there for free download.

    a. Classified sites (no brainer here).
    - Think U.S. AND abroad. A lot of the international sites are not as congested
    - Think "local." Many large cities have their OWN classified portals

    b. Forums (Niche):
    - Buy/Sell/Trade sections
    - Banner ads In signatures > service site > contact forms
    - Public contact info

    c. Yahoo Answers (as an intermediary)
    - Not a "scraping" software but rather an answers bot

    d. Social sites
    - FB, Twitter, etc. (LinkedIn IS GREAT)
    - HINT: Find lesser used niche communities that have an active following

    ***SPECIAL NOTE***

    The above "Software" section has alluded to "consumer" leads and NOT B2B leads. B2B leads can be scraped, and in many
    cases you can reach out to them without them expressing interest in your product (i.e. Straight up cold call, or email, etc).

    That said, I am NOT offering legal advice and there are specific rules and regulations you should be aware of before proceeding
    in any communications whether B2B or Consumer:

    TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act)
    And for SMS the Mobile Marketing Association Consumer Best Practices Guidelines

    Example Software:

    2. Lead Trading, Swaps, etc

    This is often an easier tactic once you have some leads to negotiate and deal with, but it's a great tactic to employ.

    A. Rent Other Webmaster's Lists

    Simple and cost effective.

    Your goal is to find websites that have an active list + following (think "newsletters").

    Step 1: Google "keyword + newsletter" OR "keyword + tips" OR "keyword + advice" etc
    *You'll have to do some manual searching, but a number of these will have newsletters

    Step 2: Use "WhoIs info" or a contact form on the site to send the owner a message titled:
    "I'd like to buy some advertising on your site" or something along those lines....

    I find that for the body of the email, a casual approach is best. You'll want to explain that you work in the "xyz" field and have some
    offers + a free bonus that you feel would greatly benefit his/her subscribers. You'll want to deliver something of HIGH value upfront.

    It also helps to approach niches you are not in DIRECT competition with. Meaning if they promote weight loss products you do not want
    to come at them trying to also sell weight loss items. Think maybe tanning coupons, slimming clothing, etc.

    Some things to consider when making a deal:

    - Find out the number of subscribers, open rates, average CTR for the offers they use, etc.
    - Do some recon on their newsletter and sign up for It yourself to see what you think will work best with the messages they send.
    - Start out small by requesting a single mail to evaluate quality
    - Ask them for advice (after all, they should know their list best). And approach it from a "concerned" standpoint of wanting the BEST
    experience for their subscribers. This will lay the pavement for a long term relationship.
    - Smaller niche sites without advertising prices posted typically are the best bargains

    B. Geo Lead Swaps


    Let's say I have a buyer for local Insurance Leads in IL. Lets also say that due to the nature of the web or other promotional methods
    I also get leads for CO, AZ, FL, etc etc. Now, insurance agents can only "sell" insurance in states they are licensed in. That said, if my
    buyer is licensed in IL, he/she cannot work with leads for those other states.

    My Goal = Maximize revenue potential by all of the following

    1. Keep the lead on file for future backend promotions


    2. Sell it to a national broker


    3. Establish a relationship with agents/brokers/website owners that get leads for "other" states they cannot work with.

    Most often the leads go to waste in these instances....I've worked with plenty of companies in regulated industries that come
    across a decent number of leads (xx a month) that they simply cannot work with. They are NOT in the business of, nor do they
    have the time for, selling these to anyone.

    What they would like to do however, is "trade" them for leads they can work with. Alternatively if you do not have leads to "trade"
    you could just buy these leads direct for a VERY small price point. Hell, I've had a few places just give them to me for FREE and tell
    me to just shoot them some referrals when I can.

    Find even 5 of these generating 20 leads a month and this is what it would look like for the Health Insurance Niche:


    5 x 20 = 100 leads a month
    Average "HOT" lead price per lead = $12.00
    $12.00 x 100 = $1200/mo hands free on the front end
    $5.50 (avg for old leads) = $550.00/mo selling to those willing to buy older leads
    $XX.XX (backend promotions via email, phone, etc for CPA offers)

    TOTAL REVENUE = $1750.00+/mo

    3. Generating You Own Opt Ins

    The key here is quality vs. the cost per acquisition of your leads. To find this out, you'll need to do some testing. You'll also need
    to do some research on the going rates of leads online for your niche to ensure it makes sense for you.

    While internet prices may not reflect the "real" value of the leads, you can "shop" a lot of providers for information and get some
    real world info as to what they are selling for. Generally I find that I can get a higher price per lead selling them to my "offline" contacts
    than most of the lead prices quoted online, and my ROI per lead is also MUCH MUCH higher as I employ a 3-pronged approach to selling them.

    a. Sell hot/quality leads for a premium
    b. Sell those same leads once a little older to a secondary market at a reduced rate (I also do this with "less qualified" leads.
    c. Retain the lead info on file for backend email/phone/SMS promotions (review regulations regarding this before attempting).

    I'm not going to go in depth on the methods there since they are discussed on the forum in depth and would most likely constitute an
    entire thread on their own but here is a glimpse:

    Your goal is to get targeted traffic to your site/landing page/squeeze page to collect info:

    - PPC
    - CPV/PPV
    - Private media buys
    - Private ad buys
    - Buying email blasts/solo ad blasts
    - Social media ad space
    - Press Releases
    - SEO (not a big fan of this lol)
    - Article marketing (quality vs quantity and pre-sell them)
    - Forum advertising and posting
    - YouTube/Video marketing


    A few things to consider (again, just an introduction here):

    - Banner ads, etc. should match your landing page
    - Ads should "pre-sell" your visitor
    - Provide high value proposition
    - Stress urgency
    - "Poke the pain" (i.e. Remind them of why they need you....their problems, etc)
    - Any other unique selling propositions

    4. Special LinkedIn Method/Freebie:


    While I don't use this tactic myself. It is a nice way to get some startup leads for free. And honestly, even when purchasing
    leads outright you should always do as much due diligence on how they are generated and the quality, etc before placing a
    large order. This includes getting a sample.

    5. Personal Lead Gen Network

    Ok, this method is VERY simple and can be used for normal affiliate promotions for virtually anything.
    NETWORK LIKE CRAZY....but with a twist.

    Your goal should be to get everyone you know to talk about you and what you do, or more appropriately what you can do for them.


    Position yourself as a major marketing/leadgen player with industry "contacts" and "contracts" with virtually any company thru
    various networks.Get the word out there that for any "digital purchases/purchases online" (and often offline) you can get then $X
    off the price by going thru you.


    I had a friend the other day hit me up on FaceBook and say, "Hey, I am trying to get that kindle fire but I remembered you work
    with Amazon right? Any chance you can get me a discount?"

    Now, we all know Amazon doesn't give us "discounts" BUT I am an affiliate and I WILL get a commission on that item. So I simply
    factor that in and say yeah, let me shoot you a special link for my company and I'll forward you the discounted fee Amazon provides
    me for any business I bring.

    BOOM...done and done. And I let her know (especially with Christmas coming up) that I can often broker deals thru my firm for any
    company and get her a deal. Tell all your friends to come to me first with a "wishlist" and I'll get them a great deal.


    My girlfriend just bought a new car. Hyundai Elantra. She had already found the car and the dealer(s) she was willing to buy from.
    So, what I did was slap up a Hyundai car lead gen page (for show only). Called the dealer and asked to speak to a car salesman that
    would be avail on that Wednesday. I told him about my website, told him I had a HOT "buyer" for a new car. Pre-sold home run for him.

    I also told him my normal dealer I sell these too does not have this specific model in stock and my "buyer" wants it now. Told him the lead
    was going to him or another dealer down the road and that because this lead is going to literally walk in and "buy" that I want $175 for the lead.

    Now, I know a little about dealerships, so I know his commission as a car sales agent was prob only like $400 max so I didn't want to
    go too high. He said he wasn't allowed to give kickbacks off a sale, but that his contract did allow him to buy leads. I forwarded him
    a "contingent" contract based on at least one lead I provide buying a car using DocuSign and on that Friday I got paid for my lead.

    This type of thing (while seemingly small) prob generates me a small fortune each year. And it's 100% FREE LEADS and FREE MONEY.

    That's all for now folks....I hope you found this 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] installment beneficial. Please ask any questions in the thread as I'd love to
    discuss them further. As always I'm open to suggestions on the next topics I'll cover.

    For now, the next installment will begin to discuss:

    1. Where to find "buyers"
    2. How to broker deals/negotiation
    3. Revenue models
    4. Contracts
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    Sorry guys,

    Such a long post I had forgotten to add in some links to example software that can be used. The "Software" section of the thread has now been updated with those links.

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    Full Time IMer
    I have not seen the first five posts but I'll be looking them up.

    Thanks for such a great contribution.

  4. kboxer7

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    Thanks CyoteAssassin...

    I know you have some solid experience in the lead gen business as well (I've followed a lot of your mailing threads in the past). Feel free to add in any insights or suggestions to any of the threads for some active discussion on the topics.


    P.S. This is only the third installment (Part III). But I'll get to "V" (five) eventually :)
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    Solid blueprint, even with this post alone a motivated marketer could be able to start a profitable lead gen journey or -if he can find a way to bulk mail- even leverage the leads himself. ;) Whether you broker, trade, use the leads one thing is sure: they're the very foundation of any business so the demand for them in quality and quantity will never cease. I really believe anybody serious with IM is offered an excellent long-term plan here. :)
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    Thanks sirgold!

    You are right. Leads/customers are the end goal. Approaching your business by offering this service positions you as the most valuable asset to any business owner....the guy that actually brings in customers, not some "magical SEO technician" who charges $xxxx/mo to POSSIBLY rank his/her site, which in turn POSSIBLY might result in more leads.

    Now, I'm not saying SEO, ORM, etc don't have their place. Even in the context of lead generation they can be useful. However, what I've found is that I can EASILY back sell these services with little resistance once I've already delivered on my lead service and consequently have made them money.

    If your leads are quality and convert, you will undoubtedly get asked, "What can we do to scale this up?" Your answer to which can be "more lead gen" OR it can be alternative ways for them to supplement such as SEO, ORM, CRM systems to collect their customer data for backend sales, etc, etc.

    Conversely, I have a much more difficult time selling a $xxx-$xxxxx SEO service and convincing a business/broker that "Hey, if we rank you in the top 5, and google gets x searches a month, you can get x new customers looking at your site."

    Fact is, approaching with SEO first is tough because it's speculative, nothing is guaranteed, AND IT TAKES TIME. My goal ALWAYS no matter what service is to OVERDELIVER and provide EXTREME value on the front end. Earn trust, and build the foundation for a LONG term relationship what will be mutually beneficial.

    Lead gen allows me to do this by delivering first, and expanding later.

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    did you ever post PART II B?

    Awesome post anyways.....
  8. kboxer7

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    This one is Part II B....I decided to rename it Part III lol.

    Sorry for the confusion :).
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    The wealth of information contained in these 3 threads is pretty solid. Seriously, thank you for taking the time to help us out.
    I want to reread all of them 2 more times and then I'll post some of my thoughts and questions.

    I am curious though, you posted those lead finders and some of them seem to be outdated where as Power Leads Pro is really expensive...

    Which lead finder do you recommend fulfills basic requirements but doesn't eat into a tight budget?

    I have only used Yellabot so my experience is not broad.

    Thank you.
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    How much did your wife pay for the car?
    By the way, I never got that encoded article:
    You didn't even read my PM.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I didn't check the links in those threads but figured there were some dl links for them out there on the web if anyone wanted to dig for them. Basically they were just to show what kind of "generic" bots can work for this sort of thing.

    I prefer (and personally use) a more tailored approach. Depending on your niche, you should find sites that are conductive to the lead types you need and have a bot made for that site(s). Creation of bots for this type of info is CHEAP and there are a few guys on BHW that offer services tailored to this kind of thing.

    If you need a "start-up" bot, I would suggest trying to find some DL links for ripped copies of the ones I posted. I'll try to look around for some more cost effective solutions for you and will post when I find them.

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    Yeah, I'm way behind on providing FREE articles. Well not way behind cause I said I do not work on the weekend with regards to those but I did have some pressing things that took precedence over completing those. Hit me up again and I'll get you one this week.

    Oh, and while she would like to say "wife," she is only my girlfriend atm lol....I sent her with her uncle to "haggle" on the price since he is better at that than me. They ended up getting it for $1k under the list price. Not bad since the car was decently priced to begin with and had all the options she wanted.
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    Hey thanks for the PM telling me part 3 is up! Awesome! I'm really considering getting into this. A Couple concerns I have right now are organization and knowing when to approach a buyer. How do you organize all of your leads? I am thinking of building a custom site with a capture form and a database attached. When someone signs up they get added to an AWeber list automatically, plus, all of their info gets stored in my own database. If they confirm, hopefully there is an API in AWeber that will allow me to be notified and I can change the lead's "hotness" in my database from cold to warm. If they respond to an email I can change it to hot, etc... Just wondering how YOU specifically manage all of your leads.

    Also, just wondering how much "stock" I should have before approaching buyers. I would like to approach as soon as any amount of leads come in so they don't go stale, but what if I do that and then I can't provide anymore after that because of a rough patch where I simply cannot find anymore leads to sell. Then do I just sell whenever I get ANY amount of leads coming in? What if I sign a contract stating I'll get them X amount of leads/mo and fail. Do you even write up contracts like this or just go per lead?

    Finally, after my lead opts in, should I send them to a CPA offer? For instance, say I took your plastic card method that promised them whatever. Should I be talking to potential buyers willing to make such an offer to the leads beforehand or just redirect them to a CPA offer and sell them the same way?

    Well that's all I can think of for now, but I will be following these threads and maybe when I start my own lead gen business I can share some of my own insight.

    Cheers for the great share,
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    Awesome series you have right here. I've subscribed to all of them.

    Quick questions, and I'm sorry if this has been asked previously, but how do you send out emails to these leads? I mean, do you send them personalized emails or mass general emails? What kind of content do you usually use to test out these leads? Thanks in advance.
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    I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to do this series of lessons!
  16. kboxer7

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    Hey xxf8xx, thanks for getting some discussion going :).

    Now let's get to your points:

    1. Organizing leads/priorities/quality:

    This one is a bit tricky due to leads typically coming from a range of methods/sources, and due to the varying nature of niches and expectations from buyers in those niches. Additionally, there is no hard and fast rule for the worth of each individual field on a data set for a given prospect and it's largely subjective based on the buyer + industry.

    For identifying price points per data quality my suggestion is to "shop"some of the lead providers online. Call them, ask questions as if you were a buyer, and get some real world info on what the going rates for your niche are. Additionally, you can contact any contacts you know in any industry that actively buys leads, ask some questions on LinkedIn, etc.

    For quality benchmarks, at the very least you'll want to separate them based on:

    - Time/date generated
    - Exclusive or non-exclusive (whether you intend to re-sell them again.)

    *I normally say exclusive for xx days. Why? Because this forces the buyer to "work" the lead faster, which in turn will result in more sales, which in turn makes you look good. The second reason is because I still want the "option" to resell them later on or use them for my own purposes.

    - Number of data fields filled (and specifically what kind of data)
    - Any prequalification steps you took with them (did they respond to a follow up email, did you call them to get more info, etc)

    2. Stock before approaching buyers:

    The worst thing you can do is promise something and then not deliver. So three things here.

    a. Do a 30 day test run to get some decent numbers on the avg amt of leads you can provide (This can change so heed b + c)

    b. Leads should come from at least 3 sources (personal preference for 3 so that even if two go down I"m still 33% operational which is my breakeven point + a little extra $$$ most times)

    c. SOURCE A RELIABLE LEAD SELLER. This can be used as a last resort/backup in case you run dry. Make sure your initial lead quotes will at least cover costs if you are on a CPL (cost per lead) basis. If you are on a rev share or residual payment scheme then paying more upfront might net you a positive return anyway.

    In fact, buying leads outright at a reduced or bulk rate and simply reselling them at a higher rate or even selling them at a "break even" point for a rev share on sales can be an entire business branch in and of itself. Also, remember that even if you sell them at a "break even" or reduced price point for a "premium" buyer you can resell later on at a reduced rate to another broker AND use them for backend sales via CPA offers.

    Data is an asset. Treat it as such and you'll reap the rewards.

    3. "Finally, after my lead opts in, should I send them to a CPA offer?"

    To this point, it all depends. You certainly are correct in that you'll want to get their info first. That's the goal. NEVER give the CPA company all the data and leave you in the cold. With regards to using the plastic cards, I typically get a business to agree to a promotional offer they are willing to give prior to running the campaign. When they "activate" the card online I normally give them a "congrats" page + a backend offer just to squeeze some more $$$ out of the lead. Then when the lead "cashes in" the card at the actual store I get credit for that as well.

    4. A System:

    In the first part of your response you asked about a system of sorts:

    To be honest I use mostly custom stuff and I don't do as much mailing these days as I should. In fact, honestly I'm not the best at it (part of the reason I sell leads). I'm building a system similar in nature to the one Zen19 speaks about in his "Journey Thread" (which honestly is worth a read and you should check it out).

    To give you a visual of what kind of a system I"m talking about it is very similar in nature to this:

    Though mine has additional SMS and Robo calling features I intend to integrate as well. And my lead capture methodology is much different.

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  17. kboxer7

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    I covered this just after you posted :).

    I used to do more emailing but another project has kept me from capitalizing on backend sales I could have been generating via this marketing channel. I'm currently working on an automated system that will take most of the grunt work out the whole ordeal. It is similar in nature to Zen19's project in his Journey Thread which I would highly suggest reading.

    It's also similar to this: with the additon of SMS and robo calling as well as a few other "tricks."

    Most "pre-qualificaiton" I do is more personalized in nature depending on the contracts I have. For clients on contract I normally get them to approve or write an autoresponder series or call script that can be used.

    That said, another very large project has absolutely consumed my time these last 10 months and I'll be launching that as a primary objective with the secondary objective of getting my automated email + sms + phone + offer system going as a "Phase II" monetization solution for my platform.

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    Staying Informed
    Bay Area, Ca
    Home Page:
    Good stuff, I gotta re-read all this and really digest it. Looking forward to the next ones.
  19. kboxer7

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    It's a lot of info. If you have not read Part I and Part II might make sense to start there and progress thru them that way. I'm a bit ADD at times but I think I've kept these in decent enough order to make sense lol.

    Anyway, as always I'm open to questions, love discussions, and will be working on the next installment(s) in the coming week(s).
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    Those car dealers you talk about, do they take percentage commission or fixed price commission.
    How much do they take in usually?