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Part II of my Internet Kingdom...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by playercool, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. playercool

    playercool Junior Member

    Jan 4, 2009
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    Hello All...

    I used to make my entire income from the internet. This went on for a about half a decade. Times were good and the money was easy. It flowed in like clockwork. There is nothing like waking up in the morning(Well afternoon for me) and seeing that you had already made a respectable income without doing a thing.

    Times changed and I went off into Offline ventures. I did alright but lately I have been having a hard time. I have been in real estate and as you are probably aware times are tuff for anyone in real estate.

    I look back at the good ole days of making money on the internet and want to get back to that point. There is no better feeling than looking into your paypal account and seeing that you made $1,000 in one day from something that is almost 100% passive. I know some people here have that feeling and it is just amazing. No real estate deal I have done has given me that feeling and some have been large.

    I have been reading this site for hours/days and figured I would go ahead and introduce myself. I think that is the first step in really getting into something. I have seen so many interesting posts on this site. I know some of this stuff will work and work well. I have been very good in the past at coming up with money making ideas and I hope I can jump back in and continue on that path.

    My one area that I am lacking is I actually have no idea how to do anything on the internet. I don't even know basic HTML. I always had my brother who was my business partner helping me in the past. I would come up with an idea. Do much of the start up work and then put all the other stuff as far as building the site and automating up in his hands.

    I would love to just work with him but I Just don't see that happening this time around. He is busy with his 9-5 and just had a kid. I come up with so many awesome ideas and he just can't work on them. I wish I could find someone I could trust but that is hard these days. Most people are out for themselves so I guess I will just suck it up and figure out how to implement these ideas. I messed up 10 years ago not learning HTML and programming.

    I didn't read anyone else's introduction but I am guessing this is probably the longest one in history.

    I thank everyone for their posts on this site and hope to use them soon. Someday I will give back to this site when I find my future success.