Part 2 of Ultimate Wealth Package Exposed!

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    I do hope you folks have seen Part 1 but this will help you if you are thinking of wasting any hard cash on this..
    We left off yesterday on page 11 so now...

    Page 12 kicks off with the order to read your goals out loud to
    yourself, twice a day, so your subconscious gets the idea. Whether
    you have to do this in the crapper or not, Mr Warren doesn't say.

    The Masked Guru Says I'd do it in the toilet, if I was you. Better
    to be safe than sorry. Wouldn't want that BIG $1 slipping away now
    would we?

    There follows a picture of some money, because you might have
    become confused as to why you are reading this rubbish, and then
    off we go into step 2. Getting started with the system.

    And finally, Mr Warren tells us how he does it. How he buys
    hummers, and entire beef burgers all to himself. He has a LIST, and
    he sells them INFORMATION PRODUCTS, and he does a bit of AFFILIATE

    Page 13 tries to explain what an 'opt in list' is, and why you need
    one. A large mailing list is apparently a 'gvaranteed !ncome'. Mr
    Warren can 'make $20,000 a day by clicking a button'. That's a lot
    of burgers! So whenever you 'want more money', just email something
    vaguely relevant to your subscribers.

    You should use aweber for the list, according to Mr Warren, who
    helpfully supplies his affiliate link for you.

    The page continues with (you guessed it) a picture of some money,
    and the instruction to 'integrate aweber into your website'.
    Presumably it built itself while you were busy gobbling burgers or
    something, because there haven't been any instructions yet on
    websites, or how you build them, or even how to decide on a topic.
    Perhaps that's why you need his 'mentoring course' at the cost of a
    few thousand greenbacks.

    We then rush on to affiliate marketing. You should know what this
    is, so the rest of that page is of no value to you. If by some
    incredible miracle, you HAVEN'T heard of affiliate marketing, go
    back to the can and read your goals out loud again.

    Page 15 explains that 'promoting a product with a 75% commission is
    better than a product with a 5% commission'. A phrase involving
    'no' and 'sherlock' springs to mind.

    The only products that pay that kind of
    commission tend to be ebooks, from ClickBank, for example.

    Mr Warren then helpfully points out that the Ultimate Wealth
    Package pays out 75% commission, so sign up for his own affiliate
    program, why dontcha. You should also only promote products that
    have 'good sales pages'. Mr Warren then promises to show us a list
    of things you can promote. Then there's another picture of some
    money. Better head back to the can and start reading those goals.

    Page 16 is a scrape of the Commission Junction categories page.
    Thanks Mr Warren, that must be the 'list' you promised us on the
    preceding page.

    I've rarely come across a 'guru' as lazy as
    this guy. Half the ebook is stock photos of money, half of what's
    left is Mark Warren informing us of his burger predilections, and
    the rest is cut'n'paste stuff from freely available sources. If I
    could give this crap less than 1 star I would. I really would.

    Page 17 is more cut'n'pasted Commission Junction category listings.
    Page 18 is the Categories from Gosh, the value for
    money in this course is amazing.

    Page 19 lists 4 affiliate networks, namely , , and The rest of the page is filled
    with unreadable screenshots of those 4 websites, in case you get
    confused about something, or Mr Warren would (heaven forbid!) be
    forced to actually write some content.

    Mr Warren then promises to show you how to 'create your own ebook'
    that can sell for 'up to $99' and all 'without writing a single
    word'. Not even the title, then. This should be good.

    Page 21 is a potted guide to building a website. Use 'atomic
    shops', apparently. It requires no technical knowledge. Or use
    dreamweaver, or front page, or something. Mr Warren helpfully
    reminds you that you will need to register a domain name, and get
    some hosting. He provides a link to a few hosting companies, via
    his affiliate links, in case you feel like donating another $100 or
    more to the Warren cause.

    The only hosting worth considering right now
    if you are serious about making money online is hostmonster who do
    unlimited sites for $6 a month. You are unlikely to use up all the
    bandwidth or disc space they offer.

    The page ends with affiliate links so you can earn Mr Warren some
    more money by signing up for Paypal, 2Checkout and Clickbank,
    although how you are supposed to integrate any of this into your
    website, he doesn't say. It's NOT an easy task, by the way; not if
    you want to do it professionally.

    Page 22 tells you that you can 'resell' a bunch of stuff Mr Warren
    presumably has resell rights to. Then comes the miracle of how to
    'write an ebook with writing a single word'.

    Get a freelance writer to do it for you for '$50'. Make sure you
    only do this on the phone, as an email explaining what you want
    would be 'writing'.

    you spend a big $50 on an ebook, guess what
    you are going to get. That's right. Something slightly better
    quality than 'Ultimate Wealth Product', i.e. good for nothing but
    wiping your ass.

    Warren then mentions the usual sites where freelance ebook writers
    can be found -,, etc etc. We
    then rush on to page 23 where we start with a picture of some
    money, to help us relax after that incredible in-depth
    instructional wealth of information contained on the previous page.
    And a link to go get your 'free affiliate website'.

    Which costs $9.95 a month, of course, if you want the
    inconsequential 'little things', like a domain name, hosting, etc.

    The page ends with instructions to 'market your site using google
    adwords and yahoo', and of course, the usual affiliate links, so
    you can earn Mr Warren yet more money.

    Page 24 is, thank all the gods that exist, the end of this sputum,
    and it begins with (of course!) a picture of some money. The rest
    of the page is a vague reminder to work hard, build a list, set up
    many income streams, get rich in other words. Shame he hasn't
    fulfilled his promise to tell us how!

    This is probably the tawdriest, most incompetent most overrated bunch of crap I've ever had themisfortune to read. It has only one salutary lesson - even crap can be sold, if you disguise the smell long enough to get people to
    hand over their money. The 'Ultimate Wealth Package' comes with a a
    TON of outdated worthless 'resell' ebooks covering the basics of
    setting up adsense accounts, how to list stuff for sale on eBay,
    and that kind of thing. The whole operation is nothing more than an
    attempt to pull you in so they can sell you more stuff. Including,
    if you are VERY stupid, Warren's 'fr33 webs!te package' or if you
    are VERY VERY stupid, a '$10,000 mentoring course! :AR15firin

    What about site stealer eh ? Did you ever wonder what you missed ? I will let you know in print if this is acceptable by the admin here.
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    Now THAT has to be the best and most honest review I've ever read.

    Thank you.
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    i second that.
    to much old bull shits get sold for premium. it's not working just selling good