[PART 2] Guide to Profiting from Webcams.com, Plus Residual Income ($42 per Trial Signup,

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    So, I made this post of a working method originally in 2010, and I'm still getting private messages to this day asking for help and how to do this more effectively. Part 1 is available here: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...dual-income-42-per-trial-signup-revshare.html

    I've come up with Part #2, 4 years later, on how to make this promote the satellite sites. This method is still effective as I've had people PM me earnings reports with thanks.

    After reading through the first page, you'll notice there are two sites we're trying to promote here. I'll break down their promotion together, then move on to the models. For the sake of this post, your affiliate site is "smileygirls.com" and your white label site is "LiveAngels.com"

    Affiliate Site

    By having an affiliate site, you're driving traffic to an already established cam company, that is offering you either revenue share or pay-per-signup commission. Promotion for this may not be easy, but is essential. Here are a couple more wordpress plugins that you'll want to help promote them:

    • Follow Me Box
    • Share This
    • WP to Twitter

    Tie these to a twitter account, and have all of your new posts automatically posted on twitter with some well researched #hashtags. Some good ones are #cleavage #tits #bigtits #nsfw #tittytuesday #tittythursday #sexysaturday #twitterafterdark and so on. Do some research: http://www.hashtags.org/analytics/NSFW/ . Look at the peak times of activity on those hashtags, and schedule yours appropriately! Also, find other people in the adult industry on Twitter who re-tweet quality posts. Either direct message them, or just @mention them to get their attention. Be involved, and retweet other people's posts, too!

    What you want to do is have your models take customized pictures. What I always do is have them front loaded. Have her spend 4 hours, change clothes, and have as many stockpiled as you can. This works better with multiple models. Have her write cute notes on signs, sometimes using smileygirls.com sometimes using angelgirls.com.

    For your affiliate blog site, dig through some low to medium competition LSI keywords that have low to medium competition, and make posts about it. An example: "ex gf tit pics". These should be pretty easy to rank for, and you can rank for them without really selling the ex girlfriend aspect. Write up a 200-300 word blog post about how she "just left her boyfriend, so as requested, here are the ex gf tit pics". If you're feeling frisky, try to get some adult backlinking in there.

    Next, with your Twitter account that is linking to SmileyGirls.com, start posting pictures of them holding the signs to AngelGirls.com. Many twitter users will directly type this URL into their browser if they think the girl is attractive, or if they feel some sort of connection. Throughout this process, but sure to post tweets that are relevant to individual women you're promoting: "Sarah wants everyone to know that you're missing a great show! www.AngelGirls.com". Knowing your audience is critical: Are they European or American? What time is it where they live? Do they want hardcore cam shows, or to have a conversation with the girl about how great her life has been lately?

    Now, what you really want to do is make sure there are banners on this website, pointing to your model's profile on your white label (LiveAngels.com) Now, you're creating a loop of revenue. Initially, you are getting revenue from Webcams.com for your sign-ups sent to the white label. Secondly, you are generating revenue when people spend money on your model. You are promoting the model directly, as well as yourself!

    #2) The Models

    Your models are the life-blood of this business opportunity. They are giving you exclusive content to promote them, and yourself, with. Keep them happy Each girl should have an individual bio on the affiliate page, with a link to their Amazon wish list. Encourage people to buy them things. In exchange, have a couple picture packs ready to send out as a "thank you!". Make sure they know that when they are on camera, they are working. That's not their opportunity to bitch and complain about life: if that's what men wanted, they would get married. These men are seeking an escape, and want some bubbly smiley girl who will dazzle them with pretty eyes. Always have something good to talk about, even if it's total bullshit! As a promoter, give them a list of world events that they can ask users about before they actually get into the show. "Did you know weed is legal in Colorado?! I need to move THERE!". That kind of stuff. Again, visitors want a connection to their models.

    At the end of every month, get the women into a Skype group chat of some sort. Put out rankings for who earned the most, who had the most viewers, and what they did differently. Give the ladies a chance to figure out how to make more money between them. If they're halfway intelligent, they'll figure these problems out on their own. Another good approach is to cut into your personal dividends, and offer rewards for certain achievements. $25 bonus for every $1,000 earned. Make these scale with both your and their earnings.

    You need to maintain constant contact with your models.

    Also, because this is a professional agreement, for the love of God, schedule their working hours. Don't let them pop on for 3 hours just because they need some quick cash. They will be on camera Thursday through Sunday at given times. Another thing that works great for me is splitting them in 3-4 hour blocks. The first hour is just casual banter with her occasionally touching herself with clothes on. The second hour is her progressively taking clothes off and talking about how hot she's getting. The last hour is a full blown show that really racks up money. If the guys are tipping money for her to do more, earlier -- they should go with the flow.
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