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    Feb 9, 2011
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    Hello everyone,
    I just had a stupid thought today (i'm sure someone already have thought about this before).
    We probably are a few here to have domains parked somewhere.
    What if we form a special club of members of BHW ?
    The goal of the club would be that everyone of the club will click on an add of one parked website of one member everyday ?
    We would need a program to form a random circle of all the member each day telling us on wich website to click. (A->B->C ect... And it will change every day with every domain of each member)
    This way, the click will be enough randomized so click fraud would be hard to track and we could secure a small amount of income every day for each member (maybe not interesting for some member but i'll be be happy to get it on some of my domains)
    I'm sure if this has not been done already is because of some problems in the making of the process but i don't see yet why ?
    What do you think of this ?
    Please explain to me how can this not be do-able ?