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Jun 20, 2010
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Automated content sites have always fascinated me, a great way to have a passive revenue stream indeed/ If setup right, automated content sites can bring in much higher percentages in returns than any top shelf stock or investment fund can. I have tried all available site automation solutions out there over the years, even tried combinations of different ones, but they all somehow lacked what I think would make a good automated content website. So I ventured out to make my own and had one coded up by a very good friend of mine, tested with the help of many friends and clients, modified and updated several times over the past months to make automated sites that incorporates a plethora of features that any automated news aggregation site should have.

And I present to you,

Paranoid Android's
Simple News Aggregation Sites

DFY Automated News Aggregation sites based on Wordpress, uses a private API that is free to use for life and allows 500 calls per day. Pull articles from 100s of sources in 25+ languages, publish them as is, or have them rewritten or translated to other languages.

Here are some of the features of the sites.
  • Pick news sources from over 25 languages​
  • Pick sources from almost every country in the world (We couldn't strike an API deal with North Korea and the likes)​
  • Strip all internal links to the site the news item is fetched from while keeping all external links if needed. a href keywords in articles with your own links.​
  • A wide array of other content manipulation and restriction options​
  • Strip copyrighted images and replace them with royalty free images​
  • Pick from 10s of popular categories and 100s of news sites​
  • Skips duplicate posts​
  • Supports Google Translate and Microsoft Translate, so if you wish to translate content from a French Canadian source to target English Canadian audience, you can.​
  • Supports TBS and WordAI to rewrite content​
  • Setup virtually unlimited number of rules with a wide range of options such as title manipulation, auto creating tags and categories based on content, pull the author's name from the source etc to name a few. Please note 1 rule run would mean 1 API call, and each site is limited to 500 calls a day.​
  • Comprehensive logging to monitor activity​

The Good Stuff
  • Almost always fetches trending content with latest updates based on your keyword.​
  • The sites are setup with an extensive ping list, enough to draw a decent amount of organic traffic without much SEO work​
  • Pick a stable long term niche, set up your ad scripts and aff links forget about it.​
  • Generates passive revenue for years with near 0 attention​

The Bad Stuff
  • If your host gets upset with the loads you're creating, they might want you to upgrade to a VPS, or choose to limit resources which may make the site slow​
  • Hard to rank with highly competitive keywords, you might have to go microniche​
  • It is not going to be set-it-up-today, clicks-and-cash the next day sort of thing. It might take months for you to see steady recurring traffic that converts to revenue​

The Scary Stuff
  • Rare, but you automatically pull a fake story about some billionaire, and while the original gets taken down from the source site the next day, yours remains there for months, and he sends his legal cavalry after you​
  • If you translate English content that doesn't talk well about Putin, have it translated to Russian and target Russian audience, guess who would be coming after you​
  • You translate Russian stuff which you had no idea was hacker stuff into English and target it at the English speaking world...​
  • You think you're pulling tech and k-pop content from South Korea, but a North Korean article that the Americans aren't going to be happy about reading. somehow seeps in.​
  • There is very little we can do to keep such content out of our API with our resources though we do our best.​
  • And above all, I as the API source or the developer or my guys who setup the site for you will in no way be responsible for setting up the site upon your request based on your inputs in any such scenario.​
  • The chances however being very low, these are real possibilities. If you want to avoid thsi risk and are willing to shell out $449 a month for NewsAPI, we can certainly have that integrated for you.​

What is included
  • Setting up Wordpress and installing the necessary plugins​
  • DB optimization and enabling compression and caching to speed up the sites​
  • Basic hosting operations, including setting up of nameservers if required.​
  • Setting up periodic DB backups​
  • Installing a free theme related to the niche​
  • Setting up for the aggregator rules based on the inputs from the client​
  • Indefinitely free API access, limited to 500 calls per day.​
  • Automatic plugin updates​

What isn't included
  • No Design work. We pick customizable free themes to which clients can add design elements as required, or install their own prefered theme. We don't have designers on board.​
  • No SEO work. We don't have SEO people on board.​
  • Can't offer help with keyword and niche research, or tell prospects about keywords and verticals doing well for other clients that they can base their sites on :)
  • No other forms of customizations that require alterations in the code.​

How to Order?
  1. Chat with me on Skype or Telegram and we can discuss the niches and source. Decide on the niche and do your research to pick a few keywords. The niche should ideally be a popular long term niche so the sources wouldn't dry up so easily, and a niche that you can stick your high payout aff link into.
  2. Pick a domain and talk to me about hosting recommendations. Shared hositng works but as the site is resource intensive I would strongly recommend picking one from a list I've put together.
  3. Place the order and we'll send you a mail to the payment email address to which you can send over the logins to the hosting in reply.
  4. Sit back and relax while my team sets everything up for you and delivers within the TAT of 3 days.
Your involvement after deployment
  • It is almost always set it and forget unless you choose to use seasonal verticals such as Bill getting divorced or Jeff's ex wife donating all her divorce money to charity, in which case you will need to get in there and swap out the keywords to fetch news for with the current trend.
  • Login ocassionally to check if the logs are being cleared according to schedule, and if all rules running well and haven't exhausted their sources for the keywords.

Reach out to me before you order


Up to 10 Sites
$249 /site

Order here
Hosting and Domain not included
Need more than 10 sites? Ask me for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does this make me money?
    • Insert your aff links into keywords, put up adsense, banners related to your vertical etc.
    • Sell links for SEO
    • Write sponsored posts, sell linkspace for other's aff links etc.
  • Traffic
  • Is it legal to use other people's content?
    • Google won the lawsuit about displaying a lyrics site's content on their search page.
    • The guys who copied stuff from linked-in kind of won too.
    • It is legal to copy publicly available non-copyrighted content. That is why we have the feature to swap out all images with Royalty Free ones, because images are almost always copyrighted.
    • And then again, if it is linked-in you're expecting to come after you, just make sure you have enough resources to lawyer up, or just stick to lesser sources.
    • And you can always use the rewriter APIs that are supported
  • Is it possible to add and modify site rules later?
    • Yes, once you have the set of rules that my team creates for you initially, you can duplicate them and easily change the keywords/categories and leave everything else the same and it should work fine.
  • What happens if my source is exhausted?
    • The API keeps checking the source for new content but nothing would get posted as it would only be fetching content that is already posted, and duplicate content will not be posted. So in such situations you will need to pick a new source or tweak your keywords a bit.
  • Can I copy the plugin on to my other wordpress sites?
    • The plugin is licensed to the domain that it is first installed on, and can only be used on the site that it has been installed in. If you need to stop using it on the current domain and start using it on a new domain, we will be happy to swap out the domain in our license registry for you.
  • If I choose to sell my site would the license get transfered to the new owner?
    • Yes, the license is tied to the domain, so whoever owns the domain would naturally own the license too.
  • Are the posts Search Engine Optimized?
    • There are no SEO features incorporated in the site. You will need to install something like Yoast and deploy your own strategies for SEO and other means for traffic generation.
  • How many posts can I expect in a day?
    • The theoritical maximum is 50000, at 100 posts per api call max at 500 api calls per day. But not all keywords would return 100 posts on every call. So this would be dependent on the popularity of the keyword/niche you pick.
  • Support
    • Once set up you won't need much support, unless it is something like you accidentally delete all rules and you have nothing left to copy from and need our help to set them up again. We can setup backups for your db on your hosting and perform other safety measures and in case of such events we will be happy to help you with restoring everything. If the work is simple enough we should be able to offer this as a free support.
  • Hosting requirements
    • A single site with around 50 rules set to run well spread over 24 hours should work fine on a shared hosting account with about 4GB of available RAM. Most cPanel hosts cap their resources at a certain number so please be sure to check if the allowed memory is at least 4 GB. If you get 1GB the site will be slowed down when the rules are running.
    • Some hosts oversell, and while they do set a threshold of 4GB on their packages they might still have too many users on the server never allowing your account to hit the maximum set limit.
    • I do have a list of hosts that are perfect to run autoblogs on and I can give you the list if you need them.
  • Transfer of site to a new host
    • cPanel to cPanel trasnfers should work fine, manually moving all files and db should work fine in most cases. But if you are not an expert with hosting just let us know and we'll be happy to do it for you as part of the support. If you attempt to do it yourself, just be sure to not delete the files from the old server or db before you get the ones on the new server working.
  • Turn Around Time
    • The team spread around the world is capable of working around the clock currently has a daily throughput capacity of 200 sites per day. So if the order queue is under 200 we should be able to deliver your site the within the same day. The max TAT would be 3 days but I hope to keep adding enough members in the team so the TAT is always under 2 days.
  • Refunds
    • Unless there is an extraordinary delay in delivering your order or if the site isn't as described, it would not be possible to issue a refund. The keywords or niche not generating enough articles or not pulling enough organic traffic definitely won't be reasons to request a refund. You will have a good idea if this is going to be suitable for you after your initial discussion with me. If you run into any other issues on the technical front after the site is deployed we are always here to get them fixed.
Disclaimer on Free for Life API access: The API is going to be free for life for all sites we deploy until we the end of this year, post which we may choose to start charging for API use for new orders. Existing sites before that point will continue to use the API for free forever.
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  • The website was functional and had little to no issues.
  • In terms of design, the level of quality of the website was consistent with what the seller shared in their thread.
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  • Disputes: If you do not receive a product or service as advertised, or at all in the event of a dispute, do not be afraid of a "no refunds" refund policy as you are allowed to request a refund through the shit list process. For more information and to see whether or not your dispute qualifies, refer to the shit list rules and procedures.
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Use coupon BHW49 at checkout for a $49 dicount on the first 100 orders.

Ordering more than 10 sites in one go? Talk to me for better discounts.
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