[PANDA PROOF] SUPERNOVA 2.0 : A Galaxy of Diverse Links

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Send you a payment for one SUPERNOVA 2.0. Please use a drip feed over 2 weeks. The last four paypal digits are 803C. Will report back with any improvements.
Been using these guys for a year consistently now, and they are by far the best gig on BHW.. Haven't met another gig that has fast customer service, great SERP results, quality reporting, and they're always trying new gigs to beat the odds.

Great job guys! I just placed another 3 orders for you.
Hey buddy - just bought discounted copy - fingers crossed it will work well for me. Many thanks.
Back in March I started 5 new sites, each with only 10 articles on, all unique content.

For each of the 5 sites, I tried a different backlink package.

All the sites died except for the one I purchased the Supernova package for. You can see the uniques building in the image below. Bear in mind that it still has the same 10 articles that were there since March:

Clearly, Google has a raging hard-on for Supernova!


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