Pain Olympics - OMG!


Nov 10, 2009
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Damn.... I work in online porn, but today someone sent me a link to the "pain olympics" it was after I was shown "2 girls one cup".

Pain olympics just made me wince! and i've seen a lot of random s**t lol
fucked up man isn't it. I didn't wanna post the link as it may break terms here, but man... that's some fucked up shit right there!
The 2 Most messed up Videos on the Net:
3 Guys 1 Hammer
BNE PainOlympic

I wouldn't DARE watch them. I could barely sit through Kids in a SandBox, and 2 G 1 C :p
Pain Olympics is fake fake fake, and ancient! Squeemish to say the least but still 100% fake

other one is nasty nasty nasty shit
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I can't bring myself to watch that 3 guys 1 hammer after reading the reviews. That's just messed up... :(

at ur own risk though, i will say it's not nice.
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