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Paid to sign up?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by EzBreezy, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. EzBreezy

    EzBreezy Registered Member

    Oct 24, 2009
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    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could pay people to sign up for my programs. I'm doing this Project Payday style and pay people to signup for my freebie sites.

    I know, I know. There are forums for this freebie sites, but there are so many freebie traders and not enough newbies. Plus, I'm in a hurry.

    I've been doing CL. I get a bunch of responses to my ads, but I'm not a good social engineer (I guess that's what I want) so I'm not convincing a bunch of people to go for it. I'm giving them REAL proof payments and paypal shots, but only 1 in 10-15 actually sign up and only a few actually complete the offer so I can cash out.

    I was thinking fiverr, but they block those types of transactions.

    Edited to add: I also googled Paid signups, but I keep getting GPT sites or scams.