Paid Link Powerhouse in Legal Niche- Is reporting even worth it?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by PhillyLuke, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Howdy folks,

    I've been working in the legal niche for some time now and recently have been debating with one of my clients on the benefits of joining a major blog network within the legal industry which I will refrain from mentioning unless people want to check it out.

    The deal with this network is you fork over 7K for the year (4.5K for site design - the rest to be included in network) - they make a new blog either on a new domain, or an existing subdomain, and they teach your attorneys to write and provide your site access to this major network of legal blogs throughout the US.

    The real SEO value comes from an automated blogroll widget embedded in each of the blogs they build - it provides a do follow link back to EVERY blog within this network which at this time numbers around 400-500 blogs. The blogroll appears on the homepage as well as each new post, so you not only get a nice domain level link, but with each new post any of these 400-500 blogs that get published you get a page-level link.

    In an effort to avoid spending this much I've been reaching out to all of these via email for guest posts, but even if I had the luck to get a link from 30% of these its quite the undertaking, and I'd still be 350 domain links shy of a competitor.

    The blogs themselves are also of incredible quality and most are at least PR4's. Some boons include:

    - attorney written content which is fairly high on the "quality" scale
    - each blog has their own share of the 400-500 backlinks the blogroll gives
    - updated daily
    - great on-page optimization and keyword focus

    Sorting through a backlink analysis (using OSE) the top 93 of 100 links (sorted by MozRank) are all from this network.

    So anyway, in the area of law I work in this network becomes a huge barrier to overcome with any linkbuilding efforts. It might take a year of intense guest posting to replicate the quality of joining this network.

    Instead of my client paying this fee, he proposed I just report them to the Big G.

    As he signs the checks I inevitably do what he says, but wanted to get some feedback on what kind of result I might get from reporting this network.

    If people are interested I'll name drop, but wanted to see what you folks thought.

    Some others in the SEO industry I've talked to have suggested going as far as writing an article up and seeing about getting it pushed throughout the SEO blog world, tweeting matt cutts, god knows what else...

    Usually I prefer to build backlinks over reporting competitors, but hey here we are!
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    I also work in the legal niche here in the U.S. full time and if your talking about one the one I am guessing at im sure your not getting a link from them lol But if you cant beat them report them? Sounds kind of messed up..
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    Has he tried crying and stomping his foot REALLY hard?
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    A quick Google search brought me to the network...they did a great job to tell the truth. A nice good looking PR 6 site with tons of high-PR internal pages, right? Plus barely around 710.000 links created in the last month!

    I wish I could give you more advice, but they could argue that this price is for using their resources / services. It would not be considered advertising really since the firms don't actually pay for the links themselves. They "get" them because the can.