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Aug 22, 2010
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the title sums up my plans. i see that i can build an okay network of linkwheels using free blog hosts, but there are only so many out free blogs out there.

i expect that any search engine would notice if a lot of interlinked(not completely, of course) sites were coming from the same host or subnet. it seems like it would be very expensive to have accounts with many different webhosts for low-level link wheel sites.

this leads to my main question: how do you experienced autobloggers get around google detection, without spending massive amounts of cash? some guy said he wanted to create a thousand autoblogs. if they were link-structured in multiple pyramids, i could see it working very well, but unless he intends to spend many thousands hosting them all, between the interlinking and *many* of them sharing ips, google should certainly notice.

oh, and a follow up question. does anyone have a good list of free hosted sites or blogs? **************** is important. whether there are autoblogging systems for them doesn't matter, i can handle that part.

ps. plz welcome me. i am lurker now posting. new, and awesome.

edit: i do not know why "do follow" is asterisk'd out.
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You don't have to host every single blog on an unique and different IP, you can put like 5-10 autoblogs under the same IP, and then interlink the autoblogs that are on different IPs/servers, this way you'll lower the cost and keep the whole system effective.. You can as well monetize your autoblogs network and they should at least pay off the cost of hosting and IPs! There are some hosts that offer different c-class IPs for cheap .. .

Using autoblogs for linkwheels and generally to link to your other websites can really give some great results in the long run if done right.. Make sure you don't leave any footprints on the interlinked blogs.. .
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