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Nov 26, 2008
I stumbled upon this the other day and haven't used it, but it looks like yet another way you clever sommbitches can earn a couple extra dollars. My thinking, get some posts on this forum, and then blast your forum thread URL with some "Adsense unfriendly" traffic techniques and let retailmenot take any of the potential heat from Google.

Any thanks you care to send along is appreciated.

Good idea - reminded me to add my adsense ID at DP which I have never done... just think, I could've earnt an extra $0.23 in the past year!
*sorry to threadjack*
MSLAKE- That avatar makes me think about the past Hour ..... :D
She wanted to watch (the notebook) ;) , had to go with the chick-flick!!

Those Paid Forum Posting things aren't worth shit... I did it with (t@[email protected]), through some other site, and I made like a whole 2 bucks in the first week :p
I just wish that google would allow us to stick google adsense in sigs... i mean honestly, forum traffic is great traffic! it is honestly my favorite.
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