Page Rank Update Last Night

sweet, one of my sites went from 0 straight to 5 and nearly every inner page is PR4 :)
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Yes i also got the update
Main site went from 0 to 2
one went from 0 to 1
another maintained its pr3 status
Just checked another one, 15 days old site went from NA->PR0.
There was an update for sure.

Also this is the only site I notice change in rankings ( from nowhere to #14 for main kw ) but that means nothing yet, it's too new.

I can't find any connection between rankings and PR.
Sometimes I wonder what this PR thing is good for.
Wow, I saw this thread and thought what the hell I'll check my non PR site. Sho' nuff' it was updated overnight.

My site is now a PR 3/10...Awesome!
Yeah ! Just amazing !

I summarize :
I built a website for a client (an architect) and put online the 3 Feb 2011.
On week after, one legit blog post PR7 DF was published to the website of my client (with some others backlinks various low PR).
And today... His website have a PR of... 4 ! Yes, four ! In just four months.
Absolutely no SEO has been made off site (just HTML5 code optimized and pinged when put online).

Other case :
A website about a software I sell jump PR1 to PR3 !

About micro-niche ?
Good news too, two of my micro-niches just get a PR1.

About auto-blogs ?
Euh... Still PR0 and sandboxed... (Hey Larry, I don't care...)


Mine just went from n/a to 1 in most cases. But my oldest weight loss site that has been a PR1 forever jumped to a 5 :)
Yup, shit loads of dropped domains I've snatched are PR0 now (they ware PR2+) and some shit autoblogs linked with Xrumer and SB are PR1 - PR4

Guys can anyone explain how did this happen.Its a static website.
Disclaimer/Privacy page link placed in home page with nofollow tag.
Both had 100% copied content.

One more thing can i sell links on the the other 2 page.Will it affect my main page PR?
"Google page rank" is trending on alexa. Apparently we're not the only one's that noticed.
PR update every 3 months!
march, june,september and december!
Yes last night google update PR. One of mine got the PR2 not bad :D
and all my clients on fiveer get PR1
its like a lottery sometime.... if you site is offline in the time of google check you lose anything!
If you lose some backlinks, you lose a PR point too!
I suggest to all people that have PR now to get more backlinks for the next update!
if you have now 2000 backlinks, get other 2000 or 3000 for the next update.... you will get another point in the next update
Went from
PR0 -> PR4 &
PR0 -> PR2 &
PR4 -> PR2 WTF
PR0 -> PR0 No change
Damn, you are all so lucky lol. :D
My 2 websites went down and just one jumped up. :S
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