PacketStream: These are the residential proxies you are looking for.

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People need to note that a lot of action block/flagging of account issues are due to faulty proxies but they will just end up chasing their own tail. I've always recommended to clients residential/reverse proxies for their upcoming projects. Is a good service, will look at later once I need more ips.
You add the country as a part of your auth key. There are examples in the Network Access tab in your account Dashboard. Message me on Skype if you're still having trouble.

Can you show example of this country setting as well as where to find countries available?
hi, I am looking for private residential proxies for Indonesia, Vietnam India, do you have some?
Is it new ip every request? Do you have option to make it rotate every x time?
Is it new ip every request? Do you have option to make it rotate every x time?

It is whatever you want. You can get a new IP with every request or you can enable sticky sessions to keep a persistent IP for however long you need.
Hey man, I have tried to register to your website to see which countries are available if I want to buy your plan and it seems that I was unable to see the list of countries that you offer? Why is that?

Do you have the list somewhere of which countries you have and also how much IPs are there for certain country. Also minimum amount seems to be 20$ to try out your service? Is there a way to have it lower like 1-5$ just to try out your service?

Will there be another option that to provide my card to be able to top up my balance? Will you include other options soon? As honestly I am a bit septic to give my card details to some 3rd party service that is new and for which I hear for the first time.
EDIT: I see you have PayPal that's good! I must have misted this.

Looking forward to your reply.
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