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PA Stats and Ideas on 1.5 Million Youtube Channels

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by GoogleAlchemist, Apr 4, 2016.

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    I'm posting this because I find it personally and professionally interesting, and figured at least some other fellow stat and data freaks would too.

    And I'll preface this to avoid any wasted back and forth posts or pm's by saying that this is in no way a veiled let alone direct attempt to sell lists, data, services, or anything else whatsoever. I'm like Gollum with my actual (Precious) lists.

    I do a lot of video marketing directly, plus I love using youtube links as first tiers, so I decided to build some nice lists of general authority and/or relevant channels to my niches.

    The main purposes being to comment on the channels and their videos for internal links to build my own channels PA/Authority as well as potential views/traffic/subs/likes/playlist adds/etc.

    With the intention of boosting any video rankings I have as well as juicing up any links I put in the descriptions...as well as any ranking benefit from click thrus/traffic thru to my money sites (and of course any possible sales from that).

    After harvesting and PA sorting approximately 1.5mill youtube channels this is what it boiled down to:

    I sorted them into 3 lists as I went along

    One containing channels with 0 PA, which, as expected is the vast majority = 1,354,345

    A second one for anything under 80 PA (being a Tim Ferriss 80/20 disciple) = 139,437 PA 46-79

    This was interesting...they were all between PA 46-79. I never really saw anything under this level of PA...and while some were in the 70's the vast majority seemed to all be at the same 46ish PA, maybe due to Youtubes internal linking or???

    And a third one for the gems = 284 PA 80+

    Anyone with similar data or if you have any relevant ideas or see any holes in my approach I'd love to hear it.
  2. chrisbutter

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    Apr 5, 2016
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    Nice findings, how did these metrics correlate with their rankings/popularity if you checked?