P4nth3r4 Network - Not that easy.


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Oct 11, 2009
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I found this network from Offer Vault. As it had one of the highest paying offers for Dating I thought I should get an account with them. I applied and they called to verify. Strange thing is the person who called me just verified my location, name and the website details and said I will be contacted by one of the AMs sooner.

With in next 2-3 hours I was pinged by the AM via AIM. The same set of Questions which was already posted in the Sticky were asked. I said the same PPC story Lol and the AM started saying almost every one who applies says they do PPC but there is no way they can prove it. Can you explain a bit more on that... I then started explaining like as if I am into PPC for already 1+ years also I do PPC direct linking for some of the well converting offers.. u know all that story.

Even tho' he sounded as if he was a bit convinced, he still asked me do I have any examples... like how do I do it, the process and asked me to walk thru' an example which I am doing now... I said its not possible as of now.... May be once I get into the network, I can show him how I do, how I drive in traffic, how it converts, etc (I honestly dont know what does he meant wen he said "walk me thru' the process" Lol I did explain it tho' but not sure what more he wants to be explained. Just think one of my bad days lol).

Finally after 30 mins of chat, he was like I will get back to u and got rejected in next one hour Lol

Good luck to you guys if you are planning to join P4nth3r4... they dont accept the one word or one phrase answer like "I do PPC marketing to promote my offers". No, It just dont work that way with them
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I found them a bitch to get into as well. When they phoned me they started asking for a lot of information that seemed stupid, because as far as i was concerned i do know my shit, i said i was no longer interested in working with them.

Networks are ten a penny at the end of the day, i won't bend over for any of them, because you just never know how much of a pain they might be further down the line.
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