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    I was using a little method that worked pretty good, but it is something you need to cash in on fast and spread throughout many affiliates. Obviously you cannot hit up one program for thousands or you will be gone quick - legit or not.

    Everyone here knows through one way or another that guys are gullible. A girl can get a guy to do pretty much anything. So us BHs use this to our advantage sometimes like in this method.

    Sign up with the PPC affiliate. Then put ads wherever you can w4m type stuff. Gather your list and send a few quick emails back and forth to seem like you are real (Copy&Paste the same message). The key here is to tell them how you are on vacation in some other country and you will be back in about a week. - That is subtle way of saying you do not have a phone.

    So about 2-3 days later and spending about 30-45 minutes on a list of 100 guys you ask them for a quick favor - and obviously since you will be home in less than a week and the guy wants to meet you and fuck you he will do it.

    You ask them to call this PPC phone number (whichever affiliate it is) and get some information for you. They call and ask a bunch of questions, staying on the phone for X amount of time and for every few minutes your making money.

    Out of that 100 maybe 25-50 will make you money, which is good. Because you don't want to make money 100/100 times or it looks shady. Some affiliates give up to $25 for a 5-10minute phone call. If you had a list of 1,000 guys and half of them went through with it, you'd have a nice chunk of change, but like I said sign up to multiple companies and have 50-100 call to each.

    Use this as a spark for further influence. As with everything everyone mentions if everyone here uses it, they will catch on.

    P.S. You can also juice them a bit. Email the same person a few days later and have them call one more PPC number and be sure to remind them you are about to get on a plane home at which time they can finally meet and fall in love and fuck and all that other gullible stuff.

    Let me know what you think.
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    looks like a nice method, any idea of the PPC affiliate program?