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ow to get Traffic and get audience to your website and offers

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by udersemo, Sep 27, 2016.

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    Apr 7, 2015
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    How to get Traffic and get audience to your website and offers ?

    Here are some basic steps you start with :

    1- be active on social media sites

    Follow and interact with people in similar field. comment, like favourate, tweet, retweet and share....etc
    Post your blog post on social media accounts with photos, visuals are very effective to get people click and read your post.

    Share your blog post on more traffic sources than social media

    Using tools such buffer to schedule posts a head time, create recipes allow you to focu on other things that you could be working on to promote your blog. one tools that you could use whenever you share curated content on social media networks is start a FIRE it allows you to add branded badge and

    promote your content within every link you share.
    Follow similar blogs and be active on there by commenting and sharing, also actively engage on forums. and communities,,, reddit, quora, this will increase your visibility online.

    Quest posting :

    writing on someon's blog helps you to generate more traffic. you just need to know nobody follows you unless you have something in retun. if they find that you drive tons of value and you have something they need, they will join you and be hungry to read your stuff.

    Increase awareness and brand awareness.