Overcome the upload speed limit bottleneck

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    Hi everyone!

    I make a lot of high quality videos, but my problem is the following: It takes almost a whole day to upload them. I have tried it all: Reduce quality, length etc., but at the end of the day my connection is the main problem.

    So, I thought to myself: Find a server which has WinXP on it, and upload all things to it. The server itself would upload the videos.

    The advantage would be that I could scale (have many servers), but also that the servers itself have a much faster net connection than I do.

    Ok, I still would have to upload to an external server, but that would be pretty fast.


    The alternative would be to have several internet connections at home, so the QoS would be improved, but there has to be a more elegant solution.

    I am sure that someone had the same problem, and it would be awesome if we could read some suggestions.