Outsourcing vs keep doing on my own (cost wise)

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    So, my sites were hit by Penguin and I finally gave up on them and started over. Now I made a couple of new money sites that are of a mid competition.Before I didn't even use tools but I decided to invest in Magic Submitter. It is a fantastic program and with recent updates it has more services to use and that's great.

    HOWEVER, I realized that it actually costs me a lot - $69/mo is just for the software. I would need proxies or VPN - that would be at least $10/mo. I need articles, spin them. I am not a native speaker of English so I can't do it myself or it would really take a long time. So I have to have it written and it costs money. Even If I use Fiverr, it is $5 plus if I use a service which provides good articles and spin them together it's $10-$20 for each. OK maybe there are better/cheaper way or maybe it's not accurate cost, but my point is that it would cost me around $100/mo PLUS costs my time working on it. Besides I might want to add a couple of good PR (maybe PR3-4) tier 1 that would cost me some more money. I might want to add Linklicious and such that would cost $10 or so/mo. I can't ignore the cost for different IP servers. Well they add up!

    Instead - if I outsource (buy backlinks) then I can throw in 3-4 PR4 permanent backlinks for $15/mo or something and there are one time fee back link services that are reasonably priced. Now my competition is not high, so maybe if I use one time fee service of $50 for each site every month, then total cost would be $130/mo with permanent backlinks.

    They are really rough figures but it would be almost the same cost and I may not need to use backlink services every month. After all my niche is not THAT competitive. Besides it would save me a LOT of my time too. When/if I add more money sites then I definitely hope I'm making enough money for either buying more (backlink) services or not having to worry about cost of using MS and buying articles and such but at this point it doesn't seem to make sense to pay for tools/articles and spend time of my own.

    The cons for outsourcing is that I have to be very careful with who to choose. But at the same time if I find good providers then they would probably do the better job done I do (after all they are pros) and it would save me money.

    So - do you think in my situation it is better to just spending on money for the services than keep using MS? It seems to me MS is for people who do SEO on professional levels. I'm almost in 2 minds about which direction I should go and I want your inputs.

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    Personally after carefully evaluating pros and cons I found out I was greedy: my VAs are all written in python or c, take some more time to train (sometimes not always), they never complain and can work 24/7 for free (save captchas)... ;)
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    for me any type of business comes down to ROI (return on investment). I think often people when ranking a website can overlook this and become to concerned with first place.
    you have to think if you spend $300 on services is it really worth it on a keyword that will only earn you $30 a month.
    The good thing about having your own tools/doing seo yourself is ROI can be reduced drastically as you can carryout seo for many sites/keywords.
    Don't get me wrong if the profit of that keyword greatly outways the service costs then it can be worth it.
    The first thing is to get a understanding of the process before using tools it's not a one click rank anymore.

    regarding not being a native speaker your post is better than some articles i have purchased in the past and some of the spun crap i see knocking about a hand spun article by yourself really wouldn't be a issue.
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    You need to remember that even if it costs a little more to outsource the work, you are going to be freeing up a lot of your time. So you also need to figure out what your time is worth and add that to the equation.
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    If you have an hour or two per day to spare then there's no use outsourcing anything other than content creation IMHO.
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    Focus on the big picture and outsource any of the lower level stuff that you can. Obviously your visiion has to work or its a waste of money. But if you know what you what you are already doing works and you can outsource, do it.

    Thats something I wish I would have done a long time ago in my business but really took a long time to do it.

    You can grow your business big time if you do that.