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pink princess

Nov 9, 2008
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I have read several posts about how to accept jobs for a certain amount and then outsource for a lower rate than your getting.

So I decided to try it on article writing and web design.

I was paid $400 to create a website and forum. I outsourced it for $180 so I made a $220.00 profit.

Then an old client offered me a bulk article job for $2,000. I found someone to do it for $1,350 so I will make a $650 profit.

Also its really not that hard to outsource.

What I would suggest doing is take a really small job such as 5 articles or something and really cheap to test out writers. Check the quality and dependability and once you find someone that you can rely on then move onto bigger gigs.

Find out what kind of rates they would charge for larger projects and then go on the hunt for them.

There are tons of freelancing sites that are always looking for writers. Some of them pay 2-3 cents per word so if you can find someone to do it for 1 cent or less you will make a nice lil profit.

As far as web design look over peoples portfolios and find someone who fairly cheap priced but good.

As far as web design goes if you can not find someone to make a full site offer things such as logos, banners, headers, avatars and so forth. These type of graphics can often be picked up fair cheap. I had someone make one for me a few months ago for like 5 bucks and I sold it to the company that needed it for $65.

Always make sure you find someone that is reliable. Also look for people that base their income on online work. These people are often dependable as they need the income to live which makes it easier to find them when you need someone for a new job.

Be creative:p
Well, sounds like a great method.. But you will need some credentials first to actually get such big orders as to where the profit margin is reasonable. Or is there another way ? :)
Well i didnt say you had to go after such big orders I was just saying what my profits was. You can do smaller amounts as well.
I appreciate the good methods and I have heard them before but I guess my main question is do you go to sites like guru or freelancer a lot of these sites have people working for way below minimum wage I wondered if the quality of work would be there i guess
This works but when you are outsourcing you have to be carefull if the guy who designs website is kind enough to listen to our rules...

I mean I tried the same thing and that bastard took away those 600$ by creating a shitty wp template which the client HATED IT!!! Only thing I did was to pay money from my pocket and ditched that dickhead designer (He gave me just 25$ as a refund.. ) who was a good frnd of mine.. So friends be careful in doing this... lol
It's great that you posted this, because this exact method is a new revenue stream of mine for 2009, and I'm really looking forward to testing the waters and solidifying what I know to be a tried and true method of playing the middle man, and making some money in the process.. for doing nothing more than a little advertising, hunting, and connecting...

I'd also really like if someone would post a step-by-step communication guideline for bringing the parties together seamlessly, as well as how one would deal with such questions as "can I see your portfolio?"
I'd also really like if someone would post a step-by-step communication guideline for bringing the parties together seamlessly, as well as how one would deal with such questions as "can I see your portfolio?"
Man, thats not going to work.. You find your own way.. Dont think this is an easy method to make money. You have to deal with headache and pain. But once the money get in your hand, you got the reward!!
I really like this idea. But I find it a bit challenging. This is what I tried before. Look for work request on WF, outsource it cheaply, pay using employer's fee, keep the rest.

But I got stuck when looking for work request. I couldn't find a lot of people on WF and others looking to get a job done. The few I found also seems to know the price they've got to pay which is really low. So that didn't work.

The next thing I did was look for people posting their services. My plan was to then offer the exact same service at a higher fee. But these guys' fees are so low ($10-15) that charging $20 for social site submission, for example, is just too much hassle for so little.

Also, when you post your services on these IM forums, you might need a website outlining your services and prices. You might also be asked for previous work samples. Then there's the part about being interviewed in the forum replies.

Another thing I did was post on CL to hire article writers in the Philippines for $1-2 per article. My plan was to provide article writing services on WF and others for $3 - $5. I didn't get a reply on my ad. :)

Anyho, I find this method very challenging and I'm hoping to find a way to make it work.
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well everyone will have to find a way that works best for them but heres what you could do:

If you plan on doing this fulltime why not put up a outsourcing site and when you speak to developers or writers or whatever basically be honest and say that you find work for them and you keep a portion of the money. Most people would be okay with this. Just tell them that you charge a commission fee on top of their rates which the buyer covers not them.

If you are able to find a few people who are willing to work for you as you find jobs you can post their portfolios on your website and let the buyer choose who they want to use.

Now if you are just going to do it randomly its a bit more tricky because you are going to need to be fast in order to put dibs on a job.

You need to be aware of peoples talents before you ever need them. Check forums/classified sites and so forth to find people who seem to work hard, who has good feedback, and dependable. Then start looking for jobs that seem similar to work they normally do. Contact that person and find out their schedule and if they would be available for upcoming jobs. Ask about rates and maybe discounts for projects. Ask for samples.

Then when you are ready to apply for a job you know what to answer. You have all the qualifications, turn around time approximately, samples and so forth.

Mediating is the hardest part.
Hello BHW! This is my first post. I have been reading posts here for a few months now and would like to start by thanking those that contribute here on BHW. I have learnt much here and appreciate everyones efforts :)

Now, this is a great topic and have wanted to discuss this here on BHW and shall take the opportunity to do so now. Firstly, thank you pink_princess for sharing your experience.

Right, here goes: on a popular freelance site I have noticed that people outsource their affiliate or free/paid sign-up programs (both adult and non adult). They seek for people that can refer 'X' amount of sign-ups, whether paid sign-ups varying from no credit card requirements to credit card requirements to completely free sign-ups, and they also seek people that can sell 'X' amount of product varying from e-books to software packages. The numbers they require to be sold or signed up vary, appearing very reasonable and achievable to some figures that seem quite unrealistic given the expected time frame requirements. However, regardless of the fact people still seem to make offers and confidently claim to be able to fulfill the job.

My question is, why not join a whole bunch of affiliate programs and free/paid sign-up programs and outsource them like everyone else seems to do. In theory it seems easy enough. Sign up to a program that offers a reasonable amount of commission per sale/sign up, lets use the amount of $20 commission for a product valued at $40 for this example, so you profit 50% of the sale (keeping in mind there are many programs available offering much high commissions). Advertise on a freelance site that you would like someone to sell 10 packages a day each valued at $40 and they will receive receive $10 per sale which is half of your commission. That is $100 per day simply for spending around 2-4 hours of initial set-up. Or simply write an e-book or create your own product which enables even higher profit margins.

I see these sorts of offers appear on freelance sites all time. And I feel if they can do it then why can't I? I just haven't yet had the practical experience to know if this is a good idea or not, and I guess the only way to know for sure is to try it.

What I would appreciate is hearing from those who have tried this method to outsource affiliate programs or free/paid sign-up programs and your results. Or just any relevant information regarding my question.

Thank you :)

PS. One thing that puzzles me a little is, if people can claim to sell 'X' amount of product or generate 'X' amount of free/paid sign-ups then why not just do it for themselves and make the full amount? Any ideas, guys? :cool:
Man, thats not going to work.. You find your own way.. Dont think this is an easy method to make money. You have to deal with headache and pain. But once the money get in your hand, you got the reward!!

I totally understand that... copying anyone's "system" or method step by step never works.. I mentioned someone posting it up because there are step by step threads for every method from horny zip to auto loan.. the "middle man" method as I like to call it is not as openly talked about.

and I know why...
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