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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by phrasion, Dec 17, 2008.

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    I'm just now beginning to take my first baby steps on IM, with AC articles submission, written manually by myself, some original, some recopied, done $50 so far, after a weeks work, about 2-3 articles a day.

    I'm from Europe so I understand that when I reach the $500 have to switch accounts and continue to do this everytime I reach that mark.

    ATM still think that outsourcing it is way to complicated, having to constantly being searching for people to write my articles at the lowest bid, rather doing it myself for now.

    But my point wasn't this, my point is this, I've always been very doubtful about IM, now that I've seen some (little) money coming my way, I start to consider the possibilities. So my question is, how many of you here have quit their outside real world jobs, and makes IM their only way of income for them and their family with fairly easy money making techniques, and would you say that in the mid or long-term future you see yourself continue to doing it or is it a short term thing?
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    I am self employed in other aspects of the web, so using IM techniques was an extra income (to spend on shit I don't even need), however each day I can see myself getting deeper and deeper involved in what I do with regard to BH stuff.

    I think you need to go into any marketing/advertising business as a long term strategy, but that doesn't mean what works today will work tomorrow, so try to network well and stay at least 3 steps ahead of the game.

    I wish you good luck!