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For the review, @keywordspot provided me with their business package. The details of my review are below.

Service Highlights
  • All of the URLs returned a 200 OK status code.
  • The domains were all registered at different times and all of the sites were on different web hosts.
  • The infographic was fairly decently designed and incorporated the logo of the URL I provided.
  • The DA in the report was more or less to the DA of the sites when I checked the URLs.
  • The articles were readable and on topic. There were other syntax errors in them and the usual spelling and grammar errors I've come to expect from there services, but readable nonetheless.
  • Most of the articles did include between 1-2 images.
  • The guest posts were finished 9 days after I sent the seller a URL and keyword.
What Could Use Improvement
  • The topic of the infographic was against the idea of the site. To put in perspective, let's say you provided the OP with a URL promoting Xanax. The infographic would be about why you should quit using Xanax.
Additional Information
  • I received my report a bit later as the seller was tracking the keyword.
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