Other easy approve private blog networks?

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    I have enjoyed using unique article wizard and would highly recommend it all round as a spammers dream also with good serp climbs but want to diversify.

    Currently trying out blog blueprint...great for easy approval tho Im not impressed by the results so far. Been a few days of 20x submission and not seen any movement on kws yet whereas uaw Id see noticeable results within the first day or two of submissions usually (they prob submit around 20-50 a day ending up at between 250-400 livelinks per round).

    Blog blueprint is even better for easy submission and only 100 words per submission required. I made a quick bot to automate the submission as otherwise you have to do it one by one. This is all pointless tho if it doesnt translate to serp gains. Still early days (cpl days into months sub) so I wont make any conclusions yet.

    BMR is out of the question as I see it. I might try it as a last resort but only if nothing else does the job- and yet there's nothing saying BMR would do the job either/better than the others. I want rip and run style spam approvals since I am doing micro niche/adsense and am hitting up one to 2 new kws a day.

    So any other spammer friendly networks like the ones above I stated?
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