[ORM] How to be alerted when a new review is left across several review sites?

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by krzysiekz, Jan 22, 2014.

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    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if there is a solution to stay updated and be alerted of any new reviews (good or bad) made against a business across several review websites?

    This would be part of monitoring reviews and being able to respond accordingly if a bad review was left.

    I could do it manually, but would be better of there was an automated solution.

    I know some solutions do exist for the US, but they do not support Australia (which is what I am looking for). SweetIQ and Trackur are the two I am talking about.

    Failing that I could use Google Alerts, and most likely will, but this I feel is still not ideal. Do not want to wait for them to crawl the review sites and reviews may not mention the business name either (since they're leaving a review for the business, there is no need) and so it may not even be picked up.

    A solution I think is: http://aignes.com/

    Which I believe checks web pages for ANY changes (which would be a relatively good indicator that a review has been made) --- but obviously no nice dashboard etc included with this.

    Anyone got some advice?

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    I'm in the process of researching the same thing. Here are a couple. I can't post links so just google.


    I am seriously considering Vendasta. They have a white label solution which will work well for my needs. I have a call scheduled with them later this week to get some more information and the cost structure.

    I'm not sure about their support for Australia.