ORM Affiliates - 6 Week Frenzy w/ Bonuses!

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    Our last 6 week program was a success so we thought we would do it again! All you have to do is bring in 6 ORM sales in 6 weeks (just 1 per week) to get our bonuses and monthly commissions. Even if you don't get 6 sales, you still get commissions. These can be affiliate sales (you pass the client on to us and we set the price) or reseller sales (you set the price and make the sale).

    If you don't know what ORM is, the basics are that it:
    • helps companies continuously build positive reviews online since 72% of customers trust online reviews as an indicator of whether or not they should do business with a company
    • helps flood out the poor press and negative reviews to improve a company's online image.
    If you get 6 sales in 6 weeks, you get:
    • $400 bonus
    • $50 for each sale after your first 6
    • monthly commissions for life!
    If you get less than 6, you get:
    • commissions on all sales
    PM me or add me on Skype/AIM (artizhay) for more details and to get started!